## International House Sitters Wanted New Zealand

International House Sitters Wanted New Zealand

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International House Sitters Wanted New Zealand

´╗┐Feng Shui House Facing & Sitting Direction Every accommodation has a facing and quarters direction.

The facing direction is the orientation of the facing of the domicile measured in degree.

The sitting behest is always magnetically negative the facing.
So if a dwelling is facing 5 deg then the sitting is 185 deg.
Why is it celebrated to distinguish the dwelling sitting and habitat facing correctly? Most Feng Shui style make use of either the sitting or facing decree (plus more factors) to determine the qi distribution in a house.

If you make a wrong check of the domicile facing or dwelling sitting, then the later urging commit be incorrect.

In most houses the facing and sitting are possible to identify.

In some cases however, it can be totally tricky but when you are in doubt, you can use the succeeding guidelines to determine the habitat sitting and habitat facing.
The leading jaws is usually the facing.
The street discourse usually corresponds to the facing.
Traffic is usually heavier at the facing.
The larger windows are usually at the facing.
The living room is usually at the facing team of the house.

The back-lane is usually correspond to the sitting.
The backyard is usually the sitting.
The orientation of the principal door can be different from the facing of the domicile (more on this in the successive article).
Please memorandum that in systems like the Eight Mansion and Flying Star, the sitting or facing of the quarters is used to determine the qi distribution of the chart, not the orientation of the principal door.
A stack of connections are confused about this!

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