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´╗┐The Enchanted Illustrated Letters From Sir Henry Thornhill (Kaka) There is a new English site with the largest pile of illustrated correspondence in the world.

is a touching facts of a grandfather’s unique means of creating a loving relationship with his grandchildren, who early last century, by a coil of fate, had moved across the system to India, whilst he had unbiased returned from India to England to be recognized to his grandchildren.

This separation from his grandchildren was a great sadness to Sir Henry.

He wanted so much to stay in touch, and he had always enjoyed delineation and painting.
As a successors youngster he had received letters from his father, which included infrequently pen and ink drawings.

So, he blatant to write and decorate cards and enlightenment to each of his four grandchildren every week in what has been described as a truly unique and taking period of emotions by a grandfather for his grandchildren.

One of Sir Henry’s original scholarship to his grandchildren is put on the site every week, and you can enjoy it by reading it yourself or hearing it interpret by Sir Henry’s substantial grandson Charles.

You can further look at his cards with the adventures of Hathi and Mr Hare, and even send an original card with your retain message to a loved one.

In fact, so appealing are his erudition and cards that he has started to write new magazine learning each week on topical subjects and with a gently educational style, which magnetism to issue and adults alike.

When you visit the site, you leave spot that Sir Henry signed all the correspondence ‘Kaka? So why did Sir Henry badge the education Kaka? Well, when his granddaughter Margaret was very young, she couldn't prate grandpa, so instead she would natter Kaka.
This name stuck, and from that moment, he always referred to himself as Kaka, and signed all of his knowledge and cards to his grandchildren with this nickname.

A Peter Pan like number in pure life, Kaka seemed instinctively to understand progeny and he used his vivid imagination to constantly amuse his grandchildren.

He introduced delightful moving characters led by the inseparable (if unlikely friends) Hathi the jovial elephant and Mr Hare.

Mr Hare is optimistic and athletic, whilst Hathi's trap name 'nothing to it really' reflects his surprising success at activities and sports which elephants plainly shouldn't be capable of playing! They get up to all sorts of adventures and are joined by Mughli Ji the fish who walks on his tail, the brightly coloured, procedure conscious, Cockiobolli birds, Mrs Stork, Captain Cormorant, Mr Frog and others.

Kaka never really grew up and he loved the melodious new species of the ridiculous strip, so he used to send comics to his distant grandchildren.

However his daughter Madge, unlike Kaka, was a somewhat strict Victorian who sternly disapproved of risible strips and forbade Kaka from sending them to the grandchildren.

He was intensely disappointed, but had to discontinue until he dreamed up the concept of creating his have laughable strips impartial for the grandchildren.

He impression that this would be a mammoth routine to amuse his distant grandchildren, and he disguised them from his daughter by surviving to originate and send his weekly postcards, but with one force difference.

Instead of each card depicting a absolute facts of Hathi and Hare, he strained the moving over two, four and up to ten weeks, thereby truly creating his retain absurd strips? Of course, the grandchildren loved successive Hathi and Hare’s attempts at learning to fly, or their sea trek in an upside down barrel; or Mr Hare doctrine Hathi to dive.

And the peak ration is that their strict mother Madge never realised that he had invented his retain comic strips! Whilst he was sending the cards to hardly Ann and Elizabeth, the three-sided enlightenment to the older Teddy and Margaret were inactive being sent as well every week.
To Teddy they were finished of wonderful inventions such as the hedge hopping tank or the steam driven aeroplane.

These must have been so exciting to the offspring man Teddy and Kaka must own peruse and researched widely to find them .
It is alluring to run a ‘whatever happened to these?series , where the success or error of these inventions is discovered.

The exotic car with a propeller on the front, for example, does torpid exist.

In addendum to it being spotted in a petrol position in Hampshire, England a few years ago, it was an attraction at the annual Festival of Speed at Goodwood’s vintage cars weekend in England a yoke of years back.
To Margaret the knowledge contained what Kaka considered to be other suited to girls.

Wildlife and countryside gambol out of the pages and Kaka’s passion of beastly life brings a distant and exotic universe to life in a magical fashion.

No opportunity was missed to amuse and electrify the behalf of his betrothed grandchildren, so that even the envelopes were covered in drawings of rabbits, elephants and wonderful scenery.

Indeed often the lesson was tidily included to be portion of the picture, for example, on a signpost, board or small envelope carried in the beak of a passing heron! In the mid 1980’s, a romance was recognized entitled ‘Pictures in the Post? with a foreword by Princess Anne, The Princess Royal.
This story went to cipher 6 in the best sellers record in the UK in the Christmas of 1986 and was described in a public newspaper as Princess Anne’s novel alternative for Christmas that year.
Following the publication of Pictures in the Post a major children’s schedule in the UK: - Blue Peter featured the story and to the amazement of everyone family started to collision the timetable to talk that they too had illustrated scholarship from Kaka.
In all eight kinsfolk where discovered who had knowledge and illustrated envelopes, which had all been kept.

Blue Peter covered this astonishing maturation in a supplementary feature and yet another individual came forward, but we mislaid effect before we managed to see their letters.

All of the 200 newly discovered letters, cards and envelopes were displayed on the calendar and we wonder how many other kinsfolk posses learning from Sir Henry.

We do notice that there are more, because one of the kinsfolk who came forward with the erudition to her and her religious in the 1930’s, could remember sitting on Sir Henry’s orbit in his quarters on Lake Geneva, when he wrote to sick descendants whom he had heard about.

We imagine that Kaka would own loved the internet and email, and we hope that he would hold approved of, and shared in, our delight in enabling children everywhere around the creation to slice in the experience of recipience a card or memorandum from Kaka.
So visit and enjoy this unique, touching and delightful name of love.

You can even write to Sir Henry and ask for one of his new, weekly, logbook knowledge to be dedicated to your grandchild/children.

Details are on the site.

And finally, you might like to look in your attic to see whether you too have any knowledge from Sir Henry? The Enchanted Letters From Kaka

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