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Ayurveda and Obesity A spawn man to his mother after sitting for his breakfast…… Mummy….
i dearth only 2 iddlis…that’s enough… His grandmother who was sitting nearby him on the table….
started saying…… Oh…ho….
Geeta…how much times I obtain told you to fodder him with 6 or 7 iddlis….
that instance you did not listen to me….
now see…what he says….
Geeta: Sanjay….
my dear boy….
don’t you need to grow colossal and strong….
like your daddy….
if you dearth to mature big, you should eat more……see your daddy ….
how he is….
! How much snack he eats….
how strong he is….
with a rangy body…….
Thie is a regular breakfast scene from a progeny in the city….
Thousands of families are misled in the means the boy was made….
do you comprehend what bequeath be the outcome of this? He cede become like his daddy…….
Is this the veritable firmness that we want? Is this the pure health that we should focu…….
? Its instance for us to rethink the situation.

Should we be made to eat further than what we need? Should we establish lanky like….
Sanjay’s Daddy……?.
or should we stay like Sanjay? Well the time has not yet run out….
We obtain enough point to assume how our descendants should be.

So Think….
Its always ameliorate to stay lank like Sanjay tolerably than young portly like his dad……in the name of health….
Ayurveda advises that staying rangy is always gifted that being fat…… WHAT IS OBESITY? Food is the substance that we force to donate us vigour and obligatory components to build up the phenomenon tissues and keep its average functions.

It should only be taken in symbol according to our requirement.

When this intake gets additional than output in the haunt of physical work, excess zeal is stored in object in the haunt of fats for fresh use in emergency like fasting or fever etc….
when this fats gets excessively higher, they earn deposited in varoius parts of phenomenon mostly abdomen, thighs, buttocks, chest etc, main to enlargement of these areas.

This is called obesity.

Ayurveda defines overweight as a partner in whom his chest, abdomen, thighs etc teeter when he jumps or runs or does some physical activity…… Obesity is a physical, cognitive and emotional disorder….
CAUSES FOR OBESITY OR STHOULYATA • Eating further than what is imperative – People eat till their intestines have not even a orifice for air.
Eating more calorie foods than what is imperative daily bequeath model deposition of fats, thus makes a man obese.

• Lack of physical exercise – this is one of the noted things that we bird today.

Initially relatives used to wake up early and do a inclination pace or run for a few miles.

Now kinsfolk gain up only overdue and they do not obtain juncture to do their exercise.

Children initially used to stratagem at stockpile a school and home.

Now they sit in model of computer games instead.

• Technological innovations /Work disposition – People now retain more of sedentary jobs than physical task jobs.

As technology is additional and more advanced, the business that kinsfolk posses to do decreases.

People now don’t business in farms or yards.

• Laziness – Keeping servants in the accommodation for dwelling squeeze afafir fairly than doing it themselves.

This leads to non-utilization of energy, thus causing obesity.

• Long job schedules - Long hours of sitting in vanguard of a computer or sitting and writing a ledger without any supplementary physical activity.

• Continuous munching of sustenance stuffs wherever you go.
– Wherever you go, you obtain readymade foods and it’s a time-pass for relatives to munch something.
These foods are having higher calorie.

They augment the fats.

• Leaving delayed sterile foods and going behind rapid foods – People now upgrade packed foods like chips or vegetable rolls or burgers reasonably than vegetable salads or fruit salads, due to their easy availability and viable transportability and longer framework life and of course, palatability.

• Food advertising – Increased advertising of packed rapid foods in another major cause.

Fried items are being packed with different stilted sweeteners are marketed.

It is the children, teenagers and youth who swoop into such mishaps.

• Increased remuneration of antiseptic products – charge of the fruits and vegetables is increasing extremely big day by day.

Today you bequeath only achieve 1 Kg of Onion for Rs.

50rs while u’ll secure ½ a Kg of fried chips for Rs 20.
• Marketing of slimming products – Many Slimming products which are available in peddle are misguiding the public.
Reduction of burden without any exercise and nosh intake as you dream is what they claim.
People go late such ads and achieve other health problems.

• Hereditary – there is a successors background for obesity.

If your parents are obese, you are likely to attain obese.

• Secondary responsibility advantage – due to diseases like hypothyroidism, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome etc • Emotional factors – some connections eat more when they are having emotional disturbances like grief, sour etc.
• Sleeping in the day point – Ayurveda says that sleeping in day case is a motive for obesity.

• Smoking – smoking increases obesity • Side effects of certain drugs-Many different drugs -- including contraceptives, steroid hormones, diabetes drugs, some antidepressants, and blood oblige drugs -- can lead load gain.

Use of these drugs is on the upswing.
• Pollution • Air conditioning- More zeal is burnt out if the surrounding temperature is either too hot or cold.

• Pregnancy – increases obesity, but after speech she commit come back to her general character in most of the cases.

WHAT ARE THE SIGNS OF OBESITY? • Abdomen starts bulging out and thus the attire commit be tight • Chest starts sagging.
• Increase in responsibility on a scale.

• BMI (Body Mass Index) increases – is calculated from burden in kg/height in meter2.
BMI 18.
9 Normal weight 25.
9 Overweight 30.
9 Obese 40.
0 and above Extreme obesity • Looses Stamina to do physical work.
• Feels languorous and further sleepy WHY IS TREATMENT NECESSARY IN OBESE? If obese, in future, there is a higher transpire of getting….
• Metabolic Syndrome or Syndrome X – Apple shaped abdomen or abdominal obesity, tall triglyceride level, decrease HDL levels, Higher Fasting Blood Sugar.
• Heart problems – increased weight –results in increased cholesterol in blood – causes formation of clots in blood vessels to soul – leads to chest pain – ends in core attack.
• High Blood Pressure.

• Stroke – Formation of clots in the brain – prime to paralysis • Type 2 Diabetes • Osteoarthritis – augment in duty – causes fresh require on joints – cardinal to wearing away of joint • Menstrual irregularity and infertility complaints • Cancers – especially in colon, breast, endometrial and graze bladder • Gall stones TREATMENT or WEIGHT REDUCTION PLAN Ayurveda says that it is uncommonly strenuous to heal an overweight person.

So it is a time compulsive process.

All of a sudden wonders commit not be achieved by any medication or treatment.

4 Plans of treatment:  Food and absorb Plan  Exercise Plan  Medicine and Treatment plan  Mental Stress Reduction Plan Goals in general:  Allot a few months to dodge the burden by setting concise title and realistic goals.

You can duck an usual of 2-3 kilos a month.
 Make late and steady changes in your dietary habits.

Do not reduce your fare intake drastically.

Replace tall calorie and fattening foods with clean and low-cal alternatives.

 Prepare yourself mentally that losing onus is a behind and steady process that would impel a pile of patience from your side.

A) Food and Drink Plan Food and swallow Plan has an inevitable role in corpulence treatment.

Food and Drink Plan has 3 aspects: - Qualitative, Quantitative and Time.

Qualitative Plan refers to the nutritional rate that we eat.

Eat fresh of vegetables and fruits that contain fibre, minerals and vitamins and decrease carbohydrate and fat containing foods.

Eat additional of fibre containing foods like cabbage and oats.

Include Barley and Wheat more in your food.

Quantitative manoeuvre refers to the symbol of nosh we eat.

Reduce the digit of repast gradually.

Do not start do dire fasting.
Eat only upto ½ of your stomach, abandon halt ¼ rth to wet and ¼ rth free.

Do not over fill the stomach.
Drink at least 2-3 glasses before you eat nosh so that digit you eat bequeath be less and thus helps in responsibility reduction.

Time plan is next the rectify juncture for having the food.

Food timings should be edit and properly maintained.

The occasion difference 2 meals should be 4 hours.

That is intermediate ponderous foods should be avoided like some fried snacks at 11.
00 am and 4.
00 pm.
If at all opinion hungry at this time, keep some fruit salads or vegetable salads or fruit extract or Oats that are with Low Calories.

B) Exercise Plan Exercise is the succeeding prime plan.

Ayurveda focuses and says that exercise is the answer dab to diminish the obesity.

Daily brisk mobile or jogging for a few miles will weaken the excess weight.

Sports activities are encouraged.

Ayurveda advises athletics, swimming, wrestling, martial arts etc that bear profit figure of liveliness utilization.

This should be done till the fellow starts breathing through his mouth.
Never till he gets exhausted.

Practice for a elliptical interval initially and gradually build up the time for exercise.

C) Medicine Plan Medicine Plan is the successive intervention method.

This is advised to humans whose BMI is greater than 25.
Medicines alone does not own any role in treatment of obesity.

Its only with the assortment with the above 3 plans it mill good.

Following are the commonly used medications: • Lemon liquid + Honey: This is one of the peak remedies for helping to combat obesity.

Mix 1 teaspoon of uncooked honey with the sap of a half of a lime.

This should be added to a glass of soak and should be consumed throughout the day.

• Water + Honey • Intake of Takra(Butter-Milk), medicated if needed.

• Arishtas Like Lodrasavam, Ayaskriti, Devadarvaristam etc • Triphala/gudooci/sarshapa/mustha Powder + Honey • agnimantha Kashayam + Kanmada Bhasmam • Vidangadi Choornam + Honey • Asana kashayam + Honey • Vara asanadi Kashayam • Khadira + Venga Kash with Triphala Churnam+Honey • Varanadi Kashayam + Honey Medicines are given only after assesing the condition of the patient.

To Drink: Water boiled with Asana +/Khadira If BMI is greater than 26: - IP Treatment is reqiured.

Special inportance is given to Udwartanam with Triphala Churnam or Kolakulathadi Choornam.
Panchakarma is further uncommonly imperative in this situation.

It purify out and abrasion the unwanted fats and make the item healthy.

Out of the PanchaKarmas, Prime emphasis is to Vamana and Kashaya Vasti.
D) Mental Stress Reduction Plan Achieved through Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation.

PREVENTION OF OBESITY DONT’S DO’S Food and Drinks Nature of Food and Drinks  Excessively eat meat, especially beef fries, chicken fries etc.
 Excessively use cheese, butter and ice-cream  Excessively use fried and packed snacks like chips etc  Excessively use yellow portion of egg.
 Excessively use curd.

 Artifical sweetened soda, beverage drinks and tender drinks Food Timings and habits  Avoid eating in between like at 11 am and 4 pm.
 Do not eat fried items in the intermediate times.

Ill-Healthy Habits  Stop Smoking  Stop Alcohol Activity  Don’t be idle.

Exercise  Do not Proceed your day without exercise  Strenous and tiresome excercises should be avoided.

Sleep  Do not land in the day time.

Pranayama  Do not over do.
 Do not routine it without an clever advice.

At Work Place  Do not countinously venture for additional than 2 hours.

 Stop having Bajjis or any other fried items at odd times like 11 am or 4 pm.
 Stop countinous munching.
 Reduce the unit of pastries and fresh weighty calorie foods in parties Rationale  Never go overdue any fraud adds showing that they consign diminish your weight within 1 week or so.
 Drink stout unchain milk  Drink buttermilk in plenty  Include cooked beans, peas etc  Eat Whole-grain foods, such as whole-wheat bread, oatmeal, and brown rice.

 Eat supplementary of fruits  Eat more of vegetables.

 Drink fruit juice, carrot secretion etc  Drink plenty of water  Follow a constant meal timing.
 If impression hungry at intermediate times own some fruits or vegetable salads which are nutritious and with less calories.

 Be active always  Do exercise daily.

Consider it selfsame to your meals.

 Practice them according to your comfortability.

They are meant only to inflame the excess calories in your item and not to show how strong you are.

 Sleep well during the night for at least 6-8 hours.

 Practice it daily, immediately after waking up from bed for at least 10 mins.

 After working for an hour or two, posses a march from your seat, gossip with your mates for 10 – 15 mins.

Break the activity into schedules of 1 hour with entertaiment in between.

 Do hike to the recess where you gain dampen to swig and snack to eat tolerably than keeping it on table for feasible reach.
 Participate in Parties.

But don’t make you stomach participate in that.

 Understand that duty reduction is a dilatory process and that can be achieved only through a notice of CONTROL.
 Record your Waist Size Weekly….
and own a comparison….
 Check Yourself in surpass of the mirror daily…facing your exterior and your side…  Think about your intestines and entity before you eat….
Reduction of duty is not an easy method like eating your favorite food….
It is very fatiguing and needs curb on your article and mind….
Only well tactical and well guided health plans consign make you sterile from Obesity……

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