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´╗┐In The Flow: Synchronicity, Answers and Guidance I arrived into Toronto, Canada last night after a inclination day of traveling.
Groggy and a morsel spaced out (!) this morning, I begin with my cup of coffee and computer in hand.

Looking at my calendar filled with "to do's", I'm moreover going over all the synchronicities/coincidences which had occurred over the elapsed week in California.
Before I had left, I had a duo of weeks chalk flawless of personal questions that I vital answers to; principally around whether or not I entrust play and if I should enlarge my workshops into California.
Not sure and indecisive about most of which plagued my 'thinking head' for the preceding few weeks, I obligatory some answers.

Strangely enough, I didn't hysteria or sprint around to earn the answers I need.

I wasn't aware of how fast my answers would 'come' to me and in which means it would come.

Prone to make moves toward resolutions, it was interesting how I didn't touch overly stretched this occasion around about needing to 'find a way' toward acceptance the answers I need! Being inclined toward planning and utilizing any routine (left to fix brain) to offices me earn where I absence to go, I fully agreement it all drift by the procedure side.

Usually my brain starts working overtime, I ponder upon a issue and am immovable to find an answer.
I go out of my routine to seek solutions and for the most part, it causes fresh anxiety and nervousness.

Feelings of being out of discipline coagulate in shortly afterward and all the dissension sorts of emotions drain in.

But, this time, I tidily didn't proceed in the standard means and it felt strangely wonderful.
Little did I perceive most of my 'answers' would come in synchronistic ways! I quiescent am in awe of the system this amazing creation works.

I business in the transcedental kingdom and backing others in 'unusual ways' but it never amazes me when events bear recess at the remedy time, at the redress place.

An event/situation/occurrence which would appear haphazard but you notice is not because you are perceiving the event/situation/occurrence as significant.

This is what separates the mundane with the extra-ordinary, and it's also what makes you consider the choice that there is additional operating then we know (especially for those who are not metaphysically inclined and yet your accent has moreover been aroused by seemingly interesting and fitting events) I don't needful care to find the exact science of how it works, but it does work.
That's the point.

It only requires that you see it and as if charm can help you see your trajectory with fresh clarity as well as provide much imperative answers.

I retain to add that in the letting go of having to come up with a gloss or provoke about that which plagues you, that's when you command the world working for you.
We can't be efficient or fertile if we are blocked with a stack of weight and worry.

You can't see former your 'pile' of bother to even see a answer with clarity.

It's like trying to make a blatant scoffing when angry or in fear.
It entrust probably model you off the rotation and ultimately that mockery cede retain additional problems attached to it.

I find it factory castigate me.

I receive more of what I put out, and it's not helpful.
My answers to my inquires in this state come extremely slowly and with significant numeral of energy.

This is draining.
More problems follow and other stress occurs.

Health suffers and how you see life suffers.

When you truly let go of how you consign find a solution, solutions arrive.

This is how I started my trip to California.
I sublet go and focused on having some fun and recipience care of some business.

Without anxiety, panic or worry.

Synchronistic events began partly immediately.

On the fashion to the airport, I received an belief of my behind grandmother, on my mother's side.

In my mental master I oral "I hope you are with me, I scarcity your assistance now fresh than ever".
Once at the Toronto Airport, after going through the security, I sat down at my gate and looked immodest to rendering this novel which had been sitting on my narrative form for over 6 months! I opened the novel to about the 3rd page and the best article I interpret was- "To My Grandma Rose, Whom I Know Watches Over Me In Heaven".
I paused and belief how wonderful! I had a wish of her on the means to the airport! And, her name? Rose! I do stroke she is with me from situation to time, but sometimes I obtain so busy doing and being, that I don't distinguish her presence in my life.

Could she be helping me at this occasion in my life? Hmmmm, I conviction and scan on.

Then, at 1:23 p.
m my cel rang- which by the way, are a coagulate of numbers I posses been noticing over the bygone 2 months keep been 'popping out at me' only changing it's configuration along the way; 12:23, 1:23, 2:23, 3:21 and so on).
I sublet it go to voice mail because I didn't recognize the caller ID.
I would recover the missive within a few minutes.

An older lady (sounding) left me a message: "Hello my dear, I'm impartial checking in with you, I bequeath dub you again later.
" It was enough to make me smile and a knowing crystallize in with me.

I knew my grandmother was with me and that she was helping me take care of business! After a brace of days of settling in once I arrived in California, I finally got around to checking my email.
I received an email confirming breach at this well published Hotel and Spa and they wanted to set up all the particulars to make it happen.

I thought, well, that's only two days from now! I don't obtain enough time~ I dram they would have responded back sooner!~I contract that email go and went on with my day.

I figured this niche was not a cubby-hole to accrue folks because of when I received the email and the timing.
I put that hotel out of my temperament and went on with my day.

It would be on my flight home that I sat subsequent to this decided peeress (who chance to be declaiming 'The Secret') and we began conversing about all things metaphysical.
Right down my alley! One vocabulary front to the subsequent and then she gave me her task card.

She is the employer of convention/catering at the equivalent well known Hotel and Spa I passed up! I couldn't assume it! I knew I have to re-visit that hotel and absolutely include it in my future plans for workshops.

Another day, I thicken out to meet my extraordinary interest fellow who lives about 4 hours away from where I was staying.
My drive to her home was relaxed and I listened and sang away to my favorite tunes.

I had to break along the procedure to fuel up so I made my style off the Freeway and ended up at this gas position I hadn't visited before.

As I parked the car at one of the pumps, I opened the car door and proceeded to procure out of the car.
Around the car and to the gas interrogate I inserted my bays card to beginning the transaction.

Something caught my eye at the base of the grill and I looked down.

There was a beautiful crude score red rose! Only one! I looked around and there was no fresh rose lying on the ground.

I picked up the rose and I knew, this was another emblem from my grandma.
This was her favorite flower as well, which remarkably told me she is helping me.

There was no query at this point! One of the areas I was needing answers to was whether or not to magnify my services in California.
And, if so, where would I look? Where would be another cranny I can conduct workshops and seminars.

I wasn't sure.

I felt like there are further places here that I should look into, but no significant city/town popped into my mind.

I silently asked for guidance.

At this point, I directed my inquiry to my grandma since I felt strongly she was with me on this trip (!) I asked to be given a sign.

Let someone range out to me from where ever I might be needed.

One of the days and before I met with my advantage friend, an email came through.
Out of the blue, this noblewoman wanted me to come to Santa Barbara where she wanted me to conduct my developmental workshop.
She had 'heard' that I was expanding my developmental workshops and she would heart to own me conduct these workshops in her city! How interesting! Again, this was intriguing because the night before I had put out a belief that if it was meant to be to increase my services here in California I would deprivation to be given a sure sign.

Then the later day this email arrived.

What's more, once I met up with my friend, again 4 hours away, we spent some level instance together.
We moreover past up visiting a paranormal shoppe where we met two very nice women.

We all hit it off improve from the onslaught and began mingling.
One of the women I spoke with had a selfsame background and worked with others the way I do.
Upon talking with her, she knew the alike relatives I did in England and she wanted to conduct future workshops with me in that town! Again, another gloss to my mystified whether or not to magnify here or not! I own my answer! Other occurrences were symbolic but moderate as powerful.
Whenever I attain locked out of a house, for example, it would seem that I would manoeuvre not long after the incident.

Again, seemingly random but it happened often enough and I linked motility whenever I am 'locked out'.
That's what normally happened! While at my more friends place, where I spent the night the oddest object happened.

I was the last one to familiar the main door and bar it.

It was locked and it was closed.

That sunset while we were enjoying a program on television and engaged in light conversation, the door swung extensive open! We looked at each additional and with some doubt and after checking that indeed the door was inert in bolt position, we continued our eventide without much fuss or analysis of what happened.

Later that night, my friend speedy asleep I was stagnant up.
All of a sudden another door slammed shut! "One door opens and another one closes" came to mind.

Fast forwarding to the airport and upon my arrival back into Toronto, we all slowly made our style out of the aspect and walked towards the building.
By then, stagnant engaged in talking with this blatant woman, we all came to a break in escort of these coupled doors.

Normally, these doors are open for passengers to transcribe the building.
This time is was closed shut and locked!!!! We stood there a mouthful longer until it was opened by an official.
Again, it popped into my skipper "Door locked" you are moving.
This was another substantial token along with the door occurrence at my friend's home.

I had been feeling like I commit be flow again, but wasn't sure.

I understand now that these occurrences were in calling to gloss my supplementary most pressing matter - will I be moving? There is no suspect anymore.

Some of the connections I met along the method in California moreover had similar lives to my own.

Coincidence? No.
The names mentioned and places mentioned all resonated with me and gave me additional insight into my have inquiries.

It is amazing what happens, truly, when you agreement go of having to 'run the show' in your life.

Being in this type of motility is extremely rewarding and it was another reminder in my retain life that yes indeed, things are being taken care of.
I always spoken praying is for the asking and meditating is for the receiving.
Noticing synchronicity or coincidences is a cave of meditation.

You are sensitive to not only obtaining but will directive small miracles when you rent go of major stresses.

There is additional room, fresh energy to receive.

When we are at still and allow for the totality to come in and offices us, it does.

It's a matter of paying attention, being 'still' and really enjoying your life from day to day.

If we can look upon life as an circumstance and see our everyday life as a hidden to receive trivial miracles, to receive the successive piece (solution) to our puzzles (problems), then I assume additional relatives would surmise the significance of synchronicity or of coincidences.

Which of circle is only a tab or spell coined by Jung.
It is actual and the only routine to really see it unfold in our lives is to be alert to it.

The trek to California was refreshing, entertaining, and another reminder to stay out of my retain way!

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