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How To Find Pet Sitting Jobs

How To Find Pet Sitting Jobs

´╗┐Scheherazade (Shahrazad): Sowing interest is never lost DO YOU HAVE A MENTOR? Mentors can be from the past, present or even fictional.
Shahrazad is strictly fictional but I perceive she could be actual – a composite cipher of realness, and she is my mentor because for me she is real.
PARALLELS WITH LIFE Fiction can be so actual because it draws upon pure life.

This is how it was in olden times or with a composite figure – it is so real.
DIVINE RIGHT OF KINGS In olden times Kings had the ecclesiastical amend to execute their wives and if the Queen was unfaithful that was big treason and a fiscal offence.

OFF WITH HER HEAD! Punishment was death.
Think Queen Anne Boleyn – one of the executed wives of England’s King Henry VIII.
MY PAST AND NOW MY PRESENT AND FUTURE When I was developing up I interpret as many biographies as I could of the Queens of England and Scotland – that was my saying debate when I was a young – big lofty books of their lives.

THE LASTING QUEEN There is one Queen that continues to seize my imagination and that is Queen Shahrazad.

She today continues to be my mentor.
I dream to measure with you the lessons she imparts to the world.

Come with me on a travels of one thousand and one nights.

It is thanks to her lessons that I feel that there is genuine hope for this macrocosm and the future.

See my earlier post: DEVELOPMENT FOR A KING AND US Let us flourish like the Persian ruler who enjoyed one thousand and one stories and countless lessons in kindness, goodness and morality.

FIGHTING FOR OUR LIVES Let us learn the lessons by a lady who was fighting for her life and fighting for the affection of her husband and life partner.
THE FIRST THREE NIGHTS The stories of the first three nights are connected – but each posting consign contain one news – see if you are like the King -- dying for more! THE MORAL OF THE STORY The greatest stories teach a honest – a sermon for us to bear to heart, embody and live by.

The upstanding of the news of the top three nights is: Sow good, even on an unworthy soil; for it entrust not be absent wherever it is sown.

LAYERS OF LESSONS For the enlightened there are many mansions, many dimensions and many lessons.

See if you see additional lessons than I can.

FAITHFULNESS The finest information is an prototype of faithfulness, even though you might die as a result.

For regular kin when they reckon of faithfulness – they believe of sexual faithfulness.

Faithfulness or fidelity applies to all conduct - afafir and personal.
HIGH PROMISE Fidelity is about loyalty to a person, principle or organization.

There was fidelity to his avowal and only when kin are loyal to their promises can there be trust in this world.

THE POWER IN A PROMISE Every point you obtain a bond you add trust to the world.

Every time you gap a affirmation you make the macrocosm logical a seldom less stable.

NEVER PLAY WITH A PROMISE Promises are promises – if you assume you can’t hold a promise – don’t make it in the peak calling and if you make a oath posses it even if it seems at the instance that it is a spoiled deal for you.
COURAGE Courage strongly features – the merchant in the data could obtain run away – but then if you run away – possibly that is no means to live life and is in actuality no life.

Sometimes we are alive but we don’t retain the true dignity that life is supposed to be.

TRUE TO ONE’S WORD By being true to his word, the merchant impressed three absolute strangers.

The report portrays examples of faithfulness (keeping true to one’s word) and keeping one’s promises.

It also shows how three flawless strangers could be moved by the plight (bad situation) of another and come to his aid.

BONDS OF FIDELITY “My duration is my bond” and really keeping that bond is one of the greatest things you can do for yourself, others and the betterment of the world.

At the hindmost of this information I hope you cede agree with me.

DAY 1: STORY 1 THE MERCHANT AND THE JINNI A affluent merchant/businessman engaged in international trade.

He went to a neighbouring rural to collect a debt.

STONY HEART It was hot and he sat under a tree in a beautiful garden.

He ate a date and afterward threw the stone.

A sermon here could be we should properly dispose of stones and not carelessly throw.
The moral: suppose before you throw! DATE WITH DEATH Immediately an angry lanky demon (an Efrit) appeared before him.
“I wanna kill you!” shouted the demon.

“You killed my son!” SOMETIMES WE DON”T EVEN KNOW THAT WHAT WE HAVE DONE IS WRONG! Perplexed the merchant responded: “How did I kill your son?” “The fan from the date hit my son and he instantly died!” The Jinni explained.

What or who is a Jinni? A Jinni in Muslim legend is a centre that is often capable of assuming animal or human covert and has occult powers.

PARDON ME “We belong to God, and to Him we must return.

There is no strength nor force but in God, the High, the Great! If I killed him, I didn't do it intentionally, but without knowing it.

I trust you leave indulgence me,” the merchant entreated.

COMMITMENT TO GOD The Jinni was unmoved, dragging him and throwing him to the ground.

As the Jinni raised his sword to strike him – the merchant wept bitterly and pleaded: “I commit my affair unto God, for no one can duck what He hath decreed.

”—and he continued his lamentation.

Still the Jinni was unmoved.

SOLEMN PROMISE The merchant told the demon that he had debts to remuneration and additional obligations.

He requested that he be permitted to go back to his house and settle these matters.

He vowed he would return.

He invoked God as his witness.

The Jinni accepted – granting him a year.
ONE YEAR OF JOY Our merchant settled his debts and informed his wife and progeny of what had befallen him.
At the second of the year he mutual to the dock of the Jinn.

ENTER THE SHEIKH Back in the garden, the merchant sat weeping analytical about his certain death.
A Sheikh saluted the merchant wishing him a desire life and wanted to notice why he is sitting in the land of the Jinn.

The merchant then revealed what had happened.

A LESSON OF FAITHFULNESS “By Allah, O my brother, thy faithfulness is great.

I entrust not cease this vocation until I see what happens.

” Two further sheikhs came along and upon hearing the report furthermore stayed with the merchant.

YOU KILLED THE VITAL SPIRIT OF MY HEART The Jinni arrived to kill the merchant who started to wail, as did the three sheikhs.

The prime sheikh kissed the labourer of the Jinni and asked: “If I chronicle to you the report of myself and this gazelle (he had a gazelle with him), and you find it to be wonderful, and fresh so than the episode of this merchant commit you consign up to me a third of your claim to his blood?” PACT (Bargain) WITH MERCY AND LIFE He answered: “Yes, if you inform your message and I find it to be as you say, I leave present up to you a third of my claim to his blood.

” DAY 2 – to be continued.

CREDIT: See: Source of the story: Laden with lessons are the stories by Shahrazad - the female fighting for life and for the soul of the mikadokaiser of a kingdom

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