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´╗┐FENG SHUI CLOCK RULES Did you know the clocks ticking away in your home or undertaking correct now can be your prime man or one of your biggest foes according to Feng Shui? A clock lets you notice the time and delegates how much of it you have.

Knowing what juncture it is can make you jovial or it can make you anxious.

Just stop to consider not only how much zeal and emotion you earn but also apportion to this naive practical object! Each point you kiss at it, it’s not moderate giving you information.

It’s further adding or subtracting to positive chi travel within you.
What fresh device in the home can earn you to onslaught running around like the rabbit in Alice In Wonderland because you’re late? The clock keeps you mindful that case is the one object in the universe you can never secure back.
It besides helps you sustain your schedule.

Because they wield so much fastness in our lives, their placement should never be considered a artless “moving thing cure” in Feng Shui.
One of the boon rules in Feng Shui is if device is broken, either amend it or lob it out.

Where clocks are concerned, not following this directive can really come back to pungency you.
If it is broken, things leave literally cool in the domain it’s placed in represents.

Time entrust stand still.
So, if things hold been dormant in your life lately, maybe you should inspection to see if your clocks are running correctly.

Conversely if a clock is running fleet it can front confusion in your life.

You can be too much “ahead of your time”.
Others, your family, friends, loved ones and gaffer bequeath not see you in sync and you can maid out on a pile of opportunities as a result.

The heart is often referred to as one’s “ticker.
” More than once, I’ve had clients report to me that when someone in their young died, one or all of their clocks stopped at the exact case of the person’s death.
My father had a hobby of manufacture wall clocks from peculiar things.

He had one hideous system of a timepiece surrounded by a dead fish’s jaw.
It literally symbolized his gist in the ingress of death.
To add to the horror, he hung it in the Fame gua of his bedroom.
This gua rules the heart.

He would always chuckle off any suggestions to manage it down.

After he was rushed to the emergency ward and had quadruple bi-pass surgery on his spirit though, it was soon taken down.

One of the most regular mistakes I see doing Feng Shui analysis is the placement of clocks on a wall.
They should never be placed so colossal that you posses to refine your neck to see them.
To experience a greater recognize of ease, control, and be in the moving of life, hang the clock at eye level.
Otherwise, circumstance and a balanced existence is always out of reach.
If a clock is the finest phenomenon you see upon entering a room, you bequeath always perceive concise of time.

Guests ambulatory into your home will not stroke welcome.

They commit experience restriction upon entering.
It informs them they are unpunctual or early.

They moreover entrust touch a sense of limitation as to how want their visit should be.

A clock in a job should never be in a dishonourable position.

If customers see a clock, they achieve overly anxious, incensed and cede be less likely to shop in the store again.

Have you ever wondered why they don’t have clocks in the casinos in Las Vegas? It’s because they absence the patrons to elude all understand of time.

When customers caress free, they spend additional financial gambling.
Clocks are metal objects in Feng Shui.
Therefore, they should be placed in the metal and humidify guas – children, cordial people, and career.
Because metal chops wood, unresolved a clock in the successors and wealth guas cede escort priority in these departments of your life.

Timepieces are methodical and accurate.

Placing a clock in the polish gua brings shelf and rhythmic assent to the area.
Only one clock in the bedroom is allowed.

It should be volley powered.

If you hold to hold an electric clock, have it as far away from the bed as possible.

Too much electricity in the bedroom creates hurtful electromagnetic fields.

Eventually it will prove to be intensely detrimental to your health.
The Chinese consider it an insult for someone younger to grant someone older a timepiece as a gift.

It symbolizes to the aged friend their circumstance is running out.

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