## Find A Sitter For Elderly

Find A Sitter For Elderly

Find A Sitter For Elderly

***Folks – We obtain a Children’s Health Crisis Going On Here! How Things Used to Be – Only a Few Short Decades Ago (Only 4 Short Decades Ago!) When I was young, my father used to quip around with us successors and gibber “When your mother was pregnant, she must have been startled by a kangaroo because you children never desist bouncing around!” All the heirs in my neighbourhood were active.

We ran endlessly around the neighbourhood playing Hide & Seek, the older boys played Football on the street in the summer and Hockey in the winter.
The girls did Gymnastics, swinging like monkeys on the Monkey Bars and Swing Sets and doing cartwheels and handstands on the grass.

What we all had in average was that we never stopped motility and we could all see our ribs.

We would rather run than stride and were constantly being told to “slow down”.
There was only 1 chubby teenager in my whole school - although ironically by today’s standards, he would be considered a “standard size” child.

There were only a few kids’ movies that you could policing at the cinema and there wasn’t too much to watch on TV - not that it mattered because we were only allowed to watch 1 hour of TV a week, and we exercised that improve by watching Saturday morning cartoons.

During university I knew I wanted to be a schoolmaster and I worked and volunteered in different children’s programs.

The successors were as active as I had been as a baby – nonstop running around and having fun.

There were 1 or 2 progeny whose parents packed their lunches with just a few too many treats and they were a few pounds heavier than the fresh progeny but stagnant logical as active.

How Things are Now – The Huge Generation Difference What I find astonishing about family today, is how passive and unhealthy they are.

I currently go into daycare centres, schools, youth groups and yoga studios, to teach yoga to children.

I posses been working with progeny my finished life and the trends in this siring of successors are disturbing.
These are some of the surprising things I posses witnessed, heard and posses been asked by children: • In a daycare at 9:30 in the morning, issue ages 2-4 telling me they are tired after doing 3 yoga poses – less than 5 minutes of activity.

• Children ages 2-4, who I obtain been seeing on a weekly actuation and who retain prudent the names of the yoga poses from the “What I See, I Can Be” yoga narrative - request the “Mouse Pose” (Child’s Pose) before we even begin the yoga class.

When I ask why they absence to do that pose, they acquaint me that they are tired – and I can see that they ARE physically tired.

• Children ages 4-5, after a few minutes of somewhat active yoga, asking to desist because they are starting to sweat! This is thing that they haven’t experienced before and they are not use to sweating and find it uncomfortable.

• Going into school classrooms and seeing heirs ages 6-9 with stomachs that look like “Muffin Tops” or “Pot Bellies”, matching in size to men who obtain well developed “Beer Guts”.
• Going into fanatic schools and discovering 1/4 to 1/3 of the descendants are either stout or obese, have laboured breathing logical sitting or standing, and are inflexible.

How Did this Happen? Children keep been negatively impacted by the increasing love affair our society has with technology, TV, the car, and processed and express food.

Children are given access to and are encouraged to play games on the computer and on hand held electronic gaming devices.

They hold a plethora of TV shows and DVD movies to choose from, which can accomplishment as a babysitting service for parents needing circumstance to obtain chores completed or supper made.

Children are driven everywhere, with some parents feeling like they are a limousine service.

The convenience of fast victuals restaurants and easy-to-pop-in-the-oven prepared foods from the grocery pantry are too alluring for tired parents to resist when they are in a precipitate and scarcity to hay hungry children.

Overweight, quiescent spawn eating distilled express food, passively watching TV.
How We Can Ensure Our Children Stay Healthy for a Lifetime To turn this trend around, it is blessing going to transact a dawning of awareness and slowly awakening to the fact that there is a fashionable children’s health crisis occurring.
Once we are awake to the truth that “Children being stout is Not OK”, (just as it is Not OK for heirs to be underweight and malnourished), we can then assault to make some changes.

It is going to take a conscious effort in our homes and in our schools.

It is going to bring conscious effort by every mother, father, grandparent, daycare provider, school teacher, and youth leader.
Children are taught what to value and spawn learn to value what adults’ value.

To save this upcoming generation from a life impaired and impacted by obesity, Type II Diabetes and Heart Disease, it style that adults are going to own to achieve active with their children! How Adults Can Lead By Example Yoga is an laudable activity to do as a progeny because it can be a “Whole Family Affair” done by all generations – children, parents, and grandparents.

Children as issue as 2 and Grandparents as void as 102 can all participate.

This intergenerational work doesn’t oblige any special equipment, can be easily done in the living room, and can be feeble incorporated into the daily routine.

Just like brushing teeth is taught to descendants as a daily activity, starting or ending the day with “Family Yoga Time” can be made to be share of the daily routine.

Yoga is the whole activity, compared to what faces most Hockey Moms and Dads - receiving up to drive their progeny to a 6:00am hockey practice, standing in the cold grassland holding onto a cup of hot coffee trying to stay warm, and watching their kid secure pushed around the rink.
Leading family by paragon and doing yoga with them every day can backing ensure your young stay active and unpolluted for a lifetime.

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