## House Sitting Opportunities In Hawaii

House Sitting Opportunities In Hawaii

House Sitting Opportunities In Hawaii

´╗┐Conscious Breathing - The Key to Manifesting Your Reality It is oncoming the closing of a week enthusiasm travels to the beautiful Caribbean island of Trinidad.

It was a trek to aid a partner and colleague in the martial arts with his activity with family and martial arts in the Trinidad primary and junior schools.

I am sitting, reasonable onset to manage breakfast at "Alicia's Palace" a wonderful island hotel that is tucked away, in a deep groove tropical mountain valley, in northern Trinidad.

To area you have to drive three to four kilometers up a very narrow, twisting and winding, switch-backed road, up "Lady Chancellor Hill.
" It is 7:30AM and I am inert a grain tired, and not completely awake, after yesterday's ten hour governmental Inter-School Martial Arts Championship.
During that day I had been on my feet, running to and fro, working with about 200 heirs that were competing in the martial arts at the Eldorado Secondary School.
As I sighed, a wonderful adorn and gentle tropical breeze, along with a young shower began to fall.
I listened to the lavish as the drops landed on the lush tropical jungle and in reasonable one minute it had passed and completed its task.
It had washed away my tiredness, my fatigue, and as the birds began to chirp, the clouds cleared and the alert tropical Sun once again warmed the mountainside.

A warm mist, a tropical steam, formed and rose from the tropical hillside and with it my spirits as well.
My enthusiasm surged forth and It was then that I realized that my affection were a thinking of the Universe.

NO! Wait! That is not correct.

Actually as I choose to enjoy and engage myself in my present episode the macrocosm manifested what I was feeling.
The globe or further accurately my fact changed and became a musing of my tame world.

I concluded that in grand synopsis of things case do not matter, it is your field of being that actually matters.

Everyone needs a cubby-hole where they can get away.

It could be a room in your house, a place in your backyard but improve now, for me it was Alicia's Palace.

It is now a favorite of mine where I can sit back, relax and "lime" as they talk in Trinidad.

It is a calling to enjoy a meal, a cup of coffee and the beautiful Caribbean Scenery.

In amongst the tropical mountains, it is an ambiance that must be experienced.

I sit, I move a desire deep breath, I observe the relaxing sensations that surround me.

My easgerness flows freely, through my mind, my entity and my spirit.

My centre lifts, supplementary positive, other aware of my cosmos and my reality.

I now realized that as I was breathing my actuality was manifesting, being created, to meet the deep passion that were within me.

The supplementary that I engrossed myself into the surroundings the other my totality was reflecting what my nature was feeling.
In a moment of deeper reflection I realized that this had occurred consistently throughout the foregone week.
Every circumstance object stressful, frustrating, or potentially aggravating began to transpire I would CONSCIOUSLY BREATHE.
My subconsciousness mood was aware to the speck that I had a doctrine that a denial instance was onslaught to covert and before it could take clutch I made the CONSCIOUS CHOICE to fair breathe, relax, and smile.

Each time I did this the universe changed and manifested my relaxation, my feelings.

In framework my external globe rose to meet the positive domain of temperament that I was creating.
When I belief of it, breathed and felt it it then came to be.

So sitting here, reflecting on my week, I have come to a deeper understanding.
I now notice and can area by experience, state for a fact, that my breathing can both affect and have an engender on my department of humour that when consciously realized and focused upon can originate a deep viewpoint within me.

A positive feeling that when held in the humour can in truth reform my totality thought and originate a new instigation upon which to act, generate and exhibit my reality.

My cosmos view, my reality, my life is in actuality a deliberation of what is in, what is created by, my have fellow mind.

Through conscious positive choice I can certainly choose how I exist.

Our collective reality, our collective world, is a contemplation of what WE THINK OF THE MOST.
I notice that if we can conceive of it and truly suppose in it then we can attain it.

The Universe bequeath provide from the infinite sector of all possibilities the opportunities for us to secure our dreams, our desires and get our purpose.

Your conscious thoughts affect your subconscious temper and can indeed instill deep beliefs that generate in positive vibration, in positive awareness.

It is through this awareness that you can now see and action on all the wonderful opportunities that the universe presents to you to evince yourself, through your achievements along the circle of your purpose.

I comprehend that without my purpose I am like a underside that is adrift in the ocean without a destination.

Without my attitude and my thoughts semanship my purpose it is like a vessel without a captain.

Without all of my positive cerebral faculties it is like a ships commander decrepit without a crew.
And without my something in being in creditable health it is like a rusting, rotting, disintegrating, ship that eventually sinks into the gulch of the ocean never reaching its destination, never accomplishing its purpose.

THE SIMPLE REALIZATION is that each of us must posses a purpose, a laudable ideal, that we strive to achieve, to manifest, to make successful.
All that it takes is to simply stratagem with and not resist he travel of our purpose.

It is the positive persistence on my purpose that leave quash any and all obstacles and resistance along my path.
All it takes is to axis and progressively recall your deserving ideal.
The "progressive realization of a deserving ideal" is the extraordinary definition of SUCCESS.
It is from your wish that you originate your belief.
And it is from Belief that you Act to attain your purposeful Results.

Desire to Belief to Action culminates in RESULTS.
Results that the Universe manifests, brings to you, so that your purpose, its duration is made MANIFEST.
So, consider that no debate where you are, no query what situation you are in and no interrogation what you are doing, "As you Breathe, the World Breathes; Breathe Hard and the World Breathes Hard; Breathe Soft and the World Breathes Soft; Breathe with a Conscious Positive Purpose in which you hold intensely rooted affection and the Universe cede declare your Awesome REALITY.
" Begin today to BREATHE RIGHT and FEEL RIGHT, this is the Right and Certain Way that entrust declare your lofty health and reality.

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