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´╗┐Why Has My Dog Got Fleas But There Are None on My Cat? This something is about one of the perennial issues in flea tame - why one private seem to be abject in fleas while another in the equivalent environment appears to be quite unshackle of them.
In most households it is the cats that seem to not be affected.

Of course, when relatives talk that the whip does not have fleas, it is normally to justify their decision not to cherish the whip somewhat than the detail that they obtain never empirical evidence of fleas on them.
Many pet owners conjecture that they only need to nurse their animals which are definitely carrying fleas.

But some animals do not necessarily keep as many fleas as another.
This can particularly affect cats who, because of their grooming habits, may nurture to either swallow or lead injury to many more fleas than a dog would.

So on a express test your flagellum may not appear to be carrying any fleas.

And here's the form - it is not whether you horsewhip appears to keep fleas that is important, it is whether he or she actually does! If any one of your pets has fleas, you can guarantee that more animals in the household do as well - even if you own not yet found them.
So now to solution the problem unnatural in the interval of this article.

If you are treating all of your animals, then the dog has got fleas because you can see them on the dog - while the scourge does not posses fleas because you cannot see them on the cat.

It is all about what you see, not about what is actually occurring.
If you are treating your dog but not your cat, then the true solution to the dispute we affected peak is your cat DOES hold fleas but you can't see them.
Remember, every adult female flea lays around 20 eggs per day.

So, if you are not finding the 2-3 fleas that are on your scourge (and with that thick fur, who can guarantee they retain really done a complete search?), these fleas are torpid contributing 40-60 flea eggs into your home environment each and every day.

And that's where the fleas you are seeing on your dog are coming from.
So the virtuous of the report is unworldly - all animals in a household must be unharmed by an effective flea treatment to discipline the flea life cycle, even if you've never practical a single flea on one of them.
If you do this effectively, it should only be a few weeks until both of your pets are release of the pests.

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