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´╗┐Electromagnetic Pollution Solutions - Part Four - Solutions :Solutions for the E.
-Stress: Feng-Shui: In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the earliest avowed routine of solutions was devised dealing with electromagnetic priority problems: Feng shui is the phrase for patterns of disharmony caused by geopathic and animated environmental stress.

Some practitioners are maid in its diagnosis and treatment according to traditional oriental methods.

These include the nine cures of feng shui.
As you cede see in the companion volume, Biofields: The New Physics of Health, all nine cures keep a unqualified relation to the quantity electromagnetic territory experienced in the human body.

These nine factors, as outlined in Table 3, may be arranged to minimize stress.

:Nine-Cures of the Feng-Shui: Light (e.

mirror, crystal ball, lights): Light is an electromagnetic field (EMF).
Sound (wind chimes, bells, music): Sound produces EMF in the thing through piezoelectricity.

Living objects (plants, flowers, aquarium): Living tissues spread physiological EMFs and swig electrical fields.

Moving objects (mobile, windmill, fountain): Moving objects generate oscillating EMFs.

Heavy objects (stones, statues): Heavy objects quaff EMFs and often obtain piezoelectric properties due to their mineral content.

Electrically powered objects (air conditioner, stereo, TV): These forth 60 Hz EMF (or 50 Hz in many countries) and sometimes fresh frequencies as well, inducing electrical currents inside the body.

Symbols of calm and protection: Meaningful hieroglyphics harmonize the body's hold EMF through imagery and emphasis reduction.

Color: Colors are composed of specific EMF frequencies in the perceptible octave of light, the most biologically significant octave.

Other materials (e.

traditional Chinese treatments like colored ornamentation, chalk underneath the bed): These are materials which reflect or drink certain EMF frequencies.

For example, chalk contains m-state minerals that straw the marrow article even at a distance.

In supplement to these historically proven approaches from oriental medicine, there are many closing strategies for eliminating, or at least reducing, the noisome effects of electromagnetic stress.

Helpfulness Ratings given in this empire are based upon clinical experience with thousands of patients with electromagnetic accent problems.

They are intended to provide a relative inventory as to the probable helpfulness of each solution, based on such factors as charge and effectiveness for average or regular electromagnetic attention conditions.

The range is from 10 (best) to 1 (least likely to be helpful).
These ratings arise the practicable solution, as in the successive example: Bedroom EMF (10): Moving or Elimination of the Field: Human-Technology-Fields: Bedroom EMF (10): This is usually the leading origin of the question and usually the easiest to manage.

You tidily unplug and manoeuvre all the electrical machinery away from your sleep place.

Radiation (8): If you live downstream or downwind from a nuclear installation or are exposed to low levels of radioactive pollution, you will be convivial to comprehend that N.
researchers Rebecca McCaleb and B.
Wolverton retain achieved “impressive influence in the use of alligatorweed, cattail reeds, and tomatoes in the de-contamination of radioactive soils and water.
” Since Chernobyl, researchers hold considered using lupines in contaminated areas, because they pull radioactive elements out of the soil.
Disposal of the plants would have been the subsequent problem to solve, so the second clue proposed was to bedew the anchor with a Calcium solution.

The Calcium binds the radioactive minerals, as it would in the human digestive system, and carries them down into the cause water, under the sink systems of many crop plants.

Soil-Base-Organisms (S.
): An even renovate answer was demonstrated by a yoke of microbiologists who retired from academia to become farmers religious to Chernobyl.
Their farm’s effect showed no trace of radiation while generate from more farms could not be eaten.

What they had done was to build up the stain micro-organisms living in the humus on their farm.
While these microscopic allies are typically destroyed by final farm practices, the smear on their farm had millions of times further than that found on regular farms.

Perhaps the guide for the disappearance of the radioactive fallout is to be found in Professor Kervran’s classic treatise, Biological Transmutation of the Elements.

In any case, a pragmatic solution called EM1 is available for all of us thanks to Japanese research.
EM stands for Effective (soil-based) Microorganisms.

Research is now showing the benefits of the flora in both agriculture and medicine.

Work cubby-hole (3): EMF exposure on the work often comes from wiring, fluorescent lights, VDTs and fresh electrical equipment.

Make requests for needful changes and educate those in decision-making positions.

Talking with co-workers about the question may add power in numbers, when others are experiencing electromagnetic stresses, too.
It is in the employer’s interest, after all, to hold healthy, happy, sharp, lively employees who can attain superiority in their undertaking through the ornament of a low emphasis activity environment.

Grounded Computer Glare Screens (3): These shields are grounded to prohibit buildup of static electrical charges, while absorbing up to 99% of the electrical part of the EMF.
In addition, they blunt visual emphasis by eliminating glare and reflections, thus increasing contrast.

Note, however, that they must be properly grounded to be effective.

A plug tester can be obtained at hardware stores to check grounding as well as the polish polarity of wiring for all your electrical outlets.

Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) computer monitors (4): The story being projected on a standard cathode glint conduit (CRT) computer screen can be detected and electronically decoded up to a quarter mile away.

Liquid Crystal screens generally radiate decrease domain levels than the average CRT monitors.

If they are used on the lap, as the forlorn term “lap top” computer suggests, however, they actually create supplementary radiation exposure than the CRTs because of the proximity to the body.

Nature-Fields: Natural Fields (0): Moving unquestionably existing fields is possible, but only for a few months with current methods.

Since the fields doctor to come back, this is not an effective long-term strategy.

Since a mountain of time, liveliness and money can be put into advice and devices to move the field, it is not generally desirable as a brief approach.
It is sometimes required in cases where no fresh immediate answer is effective alone, and the partner cannot be moved out of the field.

Moving of the Person: Man-made fields: The Office of Technology Assessment of the Congress of the U.
recommends a policy of "prudent avoidance.

” Sleep place (3): It is usually not vital manoeuvre your bed due to man-made fields.

It is easier to aptly unplug and manoeuvre all electrical devices away from the bed in most cases.

The expunction is when your bed is located too looming a fuse box, colossal modern tightness sequence or further relatively resolute EMF source.

In the occasion of high-tension lines and substations, it is even necessary occasionally to machination the individual to a different domicile entirely.

This is because an absolute house, or even an full neighborhood, can be within the priority field.

Television (10): Time Magazine recommends sitting “at least 10 feet from the television set.

” Also, by reducing the quantity of hours you watch per day, you weaken the chronicity of the exposure, and therefore, the associated hazard goes down as well.
Color television sets emit additional EMF than do gloomy and white sets, yet even the threatening and white TVs keep been associated with 2.
5 times the venture of leukemia among children.

Work vocation (9): Moving to a different undertaking position away from the fountain or sources of electromagnetic pollution is often the only choice available in the activity cubby-hole at present.

Natural fields (10): Moving the friend out of the method of destructive electromagnetic fields is the elite interpretation in most cases.

On their own, these fields doctor to be completely stable, since they are based on form structures and resonance which do not typically improve much on the human point scale.

Support for the Body-Energy-System: The next supportive measures are compatible with the above routine of eliminating the source of exposure to electromagnetic stress.

The most effective way usually combines eliminating the source, with specific short-term support of the device delectation system.
Devices: Many devices own been developed to the body's common defense mechanisms censure stresses of all kinds.

Some hold been specifically designed to combat electromagnetic stress.

The repair ones for you depend on factors like your health, the kinds of EMF you are exposed to, and your budget.

It is generally refreshing to use as many as feasible of the succeeding devices and products: Natural fiber garments (10): This is a worthwhile investment for anyone, avoiding the thousands of volts of static censure produced by the moving of synthetic fibers.

Green cotton (organic) futon mattress on a wood framework bed (10): This eliminates a natural origin of electromagnetic field variation in the sleeping place.

Pesticide-free ‘green cotton’ is fresh expensive, but preferred, as cotton is the heaviest user of pesticides, which posses radiation-mimicking effects.

Bed springs and metallic holder components should be avoided.

Aranaire oxozone generator (10): These units supply both negative ions (see Negative ion generators) and oxozone, an energized covert of oxygen with 4 atoms instead of 2.
Unlike ozone generators that may oxidize nitrogen in producing triplet oxygen (ozone), the oxozone is produced by a unique corona unshackle process, which produces no oxides of nitrogen.

Studies that display toxicity from ozone own not controlled for oxides of nitrogen.

When this factor is eliminated, up to 50 ppm of oxozone or ozone are found to be bio-compatible.

Oxozone is at least 50% fresh oxidizing than ozone, breaking down organic toxins like formaldehyde into carbon dioxide and water, while inactivating airborne moulds, bacteria and viruses.

Negative ion generators (9): These provide a higher concentration of beneficial opposite ions in the air.
Harmful positive ions are removed through electromagnetic effects along with their associated particulate pollution.

This includes allergens such as pollen, mold, mildew, odors, viruses, bacteria, chalk dust, hair and dander, etc.
Some units allow the addendum of usual extracts, such as anti-fungal grapefruit seed extract.

Ott Light Systems (9): The Ott adorn offers field of the art absolute spectrum lighting which simulates a solar spectrum.
These lights are specifically designed to stop the electromagnetic attention caused by the imbalance within the noticeable spectrum emission of all standard incandescent and fluorescent lights.

They further eliminate noisome frequencies guise the detectable octave, by special built-in shielding and grounding.
If you can't secure Ott lights, you may be able to install your hold shielding, using chicken wire over the whole fixture and lead vinyl over the starters at the ends of the bulbs, and then grounding all of this.

The one limitation even with some finished spectrum lights is that the irradiate emitted is inactive going on and off at 60 Hz.
Unfortunately, this is the entrance for visual flicker in the common visual system.
People with neurotoxins such as hefty metals or pesticides may be hypersensitive to flickering lights.

Ott lights destroy visual flicker emphasis by wholesome at a much higher rate.

Because flickering decorate moreover uses fresh nutrients in the retina, connections with embellish understanding may experience increased symptoms in fluorescent light.

Other backing is then absolutely needed, such as Vitamin A, carotenoids, B complex and Zinc.
Another choice for renovate indoor lighting is diverse balanced spectrum incandescent bulbs.

Some of these use a purplish Neodymium coating inside the bulb, while others appear slightly blue.

These lights do not contain the ultraviolet portion of the complete solar spectrum, but do give a balanced recognizable spectrum of embellish for reduced electromagnetic stress.

QME Brain Shield (8): Invented by David Walker, the Brain Shield offers a new manner to decrease the effects of electromagnetic fields.

Polarizers (8): Polarizers adjust and harmonize electromagnetic fields.

This can dramatically impair the degree of accent on the thing systems.

It is politic to combine the use of polarizers with fresh supports such as remedies tested specifically for the individual.
Polarizers are available both as personal models worn on the phenomenon and larger units which affect an full motor container or an full household's or office's circuitry when properly placed.

Subtle Energies electromagnetic sector interrupters (8): These obtain produced uncommonly positive feedback by users who are flexible to enthusiasm fields.

They claim to undertaking by emitting a neutralizing field, which acts in the breach around the unit, canceling out the modern EMF through injurious interference.

12 volt direct latest electrical systems (8): Direct voguish systems eliminate the 60 Hz fields which are a primary problem.
Constant (non-oscillating) EMF is present with these systems however, when the latest is on, although the shading of stress is much less.

Note that when an inverter is added to a 12 volt system, 60 Hz oscillating voguish and fields are again present.

Also, 12 volt fluorescent lighting produces a 120 Hz oscillation.

For details on specific machinery available see catalogs such as Real Goods Trading Company, 1-800-762-7325, or your local 12 volt dealer.
Speaker phones (7): By motion the microphone and tutor away from your jaws and ear, you blunt the electromagnetic stress.

This is especially important if you spend a mass of juncture on the phone.

Japan Life magnetic land style and other magnetic products (7): These products effect a beige polarity constant magnetic domain which helps to mask further interfering electromagnetic fields.

There are several commonly encountered problems with the routine and its imitators.

In the wanting term, chronic problems can idle result from underlying masked electromagnetic fields.

Clinical experience has shown that, in many cases, the most effective use of such uniform beige magnetic area systems is on a brief daily basis.

A 20 to 30 minute nap or deliberation duration in such a domain in a location unshackle of geopathic and electromagnetic attention is the ideal.
Electronic lee devices (e.

cestuses attachment) (7): These units provide salutary electromagnetic fields, without metal in impression with the body.

Teslar watch (6): The simplest answer to the electromagnetic importance of quartz watches is not to wear them on the body.

They can be carried in a purse or succinct case.

If you can find a guidebook originate wind watch or automatic (self-winding) watch, these are a good solution, too, erase that you are dormant wearing metal on the body.

The metal can achievement as an antenna, hustings up and transmitting unwanted environmental frequencies to your body.

This is true of the Teslar watches as well, the difference being that the Teslar policing besides specifically produces an 8 Hz oscillation which is salutary for most people.

It is selfsame to one of the prime components of the Schumann field, which is insufficient in most of our indoor environments.

The primary limitation of the Teslar policing is that it produces only this one frequency as compared to the broad spectrum generative in harmonics produced by the earth.
That method even if you wear a Teslar watch, you should stagnant gain outdoors in a regular environment every day.

Non-heated irrigate bed (5): While eliminating the radical problems associated with heating coils of most irrigate beds, the presence of soak as a conductive medium known to the item can passive be a problem.
It can enlarge additional latest electromagnetic fields.

Magnets: iota magnets, bar magnets, lodestone belt and magnetic jewelry (4): These magnetic devices activity to shock the body's delectation state or mask externally applied fields.

Unfortunately they further can cause additional problems for those who inert hold amalgam fillings or supplementary metal in the body.

They can be an important and effective share of therapy when used in consultation with knowledgeable professionals.

Medical use of magnets can be remarkably amiable for those with no metal in the mouth, or on parts of the item away from the head.

Magnetic fields own mighty effects that not only vary at different frequencies, but moreover vary at the North and South poles of a static field.

The poles differentially affect the pH, which is furthermore called the magnetic factor.
The North branch increases alkalinity, while the South roost increases acidity.

This is the instigation of static magnetic state therapies, whether using redoubtable barricade magnets of 8,000 gauss to flood an flawless organ, or a tiny atom lodestone of 800 gauss to thrill a single acupuncture atom without inserting a needle.

The stimulatory South pole especially should be used with warn as it can increase growth of tumors or of infectious organisms.

Special tell is besides indicated around the eyes and head, especially for prolonged exposure to big or rangy gauss fields.

Foods: In rule to minimize the effects of electromagnetic pollution on your body, the foods to flee include: irradiated foods processed and correct foods fatty foods dairy sugar meat After radioactive fallout, certain fresh foods should be avoided: green leafy vegetables, because they peril the short expression fallout root vegetables and fruits from deep rooted trees, since they accumulate supplementary of the long-lived fallout such as Cesium and Strontium fresh humidify fish, since they quaff radioactive minerals easily due to the want of fresh minerals that are give in sea water.
Some regular EMF protective foods to instance in your diet include: whole grains fresh vegetables beans, miso, tofu and tempeh sea vegetables seeds and nuts Food factors, which can tie radioactive substances in the digestive tract and stop absorption into the body, include: iodine (being stockpiled by Japan, Canada, Britain, France, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Austria, Sweden, etc.
, but not America; besides being smuggled into Antarctica despite overt ban on nuclear technology there) (e.

found in kelp) calcium (e.

in Sango-Coral) pectin and additional fiber found in implant foods phytates in seeds and grains sodium alginate in sea vegetables sulfur-bearing amino acids in onions, garlic, beans, eggs and cruciferous (cabbage family) vegetables, MSM, Glutathione, NAC, Alpha Lipoic Acid.

zybicolin in miso clay (e.

bentonite or a Calcium-rich bentonite called pascalite or EE-WAY-KEE: The Earth That Heals by the Native Americans) When planning your diet, it is superior to consider the effects of different foods on your pH, the magnetic factor.
Research shows that when the pH is balanced or "neutral," there is less effect from radiation.

Specific supplements can be radioprotective: Antioxidants (radical-scavenging properties of some common compounds may explain radioprotective effects) Melatonin (Radioprotective engender of melatonin assessed by measuring chromosomal pollute in mitotic and meiotic cells.

Mutat Res.

1999 Aug 18;444(2):367-72) Silymarin (Milk Thistle) (Radioprotective effect of silymarin against radiation induced hepatotoxicity.

Pharmacol Res.

2002 Jun;45(6):447.
PMID: 12162944) Vitamin C (also message rejection interactions with copper) (Roles of vitamin C in radiation-induced DNA blemish in presence and privation of copper.
Chem Biol Interact.

2001 Jul 31;137(1):75-88) Vitamin E & selenium & fresh antioxidants; victuals sources: nuts, wheat germ (Nutritional approaches to radioprotection: vitamin E.
Mil Med.

2002 Feb;167(2 Suppl):57-9; Detailed Study of Anti-Oxidants - Lamson, MS, ND and Brignall, ND; The effect of selenium and/or vitamin E treatments on radiation-induced intestinal injury in rats.

- Life Sci 2000 Apr 7;66) Fats and fatty acids (Polyunsaturated fatty acids augment the diplomacy of 36B10 rat astrocytoma cells to radiation-induced cell kill.

1997 Mar;32(3):283-92; Dietary eicosapentaenoic sour prevents systemic immunosuppression in mice induced by UVB radiation.

Radiat Res.

2001 Jul;156(1):36-44; Dietary polyunsaturated fatty acids: contact on cancer chemotherapy and radiation.

Altern Med Rev.
2002 Feb;7(1):4-21) Phytochemicals (Attenuation of radiation-induced genomic instability by liberate harsh scavengers and cellular proliferation.

Free Radic Biol Med.

2001 Jul 1;31(1):10-9) Abana (The herbal preparation abana protects condemn radiation-induced micronuclei in mouse bone marrow.
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Curr Med Chem.
2001 Sep;8(11):1349-62) Basil (Ocium sanctum) (Protection lambaste radiation-induced chromosome scar in mouse bone nucleus by Ocimum sanctum.
Mutat Res.

1997 Feb 3;373(2):271-6; Enhancement of bone nucleus radioprotection and contraction of WR-2721 toxicity by Ocimum sanctum.
Mutat Res.

1998 Feb 2;397(2):303-12) Luteonlin - Food sources: Rooibos tea (Radioprotective produce of antioxidative flavonoids in gamma-ray irradiated mice - Carcinogenesis 1994 Nov;15) Himalayan Mayapple, or Indian mandrake (not eagerly available) (Protection of mouse jejunum against lethal irradiation by Podophyllum hexandrum.

2001 Nov;8(6):413-22) Mint (Mentha arvensis) (Influence of the leaf allusion of Mentha arvensis Linn.

(mint) on the survival of mice exposed to different doses of gamma radiation.

Strahlenther Onkol.
2002 Feb;178(2):91-8) Orientin and vicenin - Food sources: Passion Flower, Basil (Radiation lee by the ocimum flavonoids orientin and vicenin: mechanisms of motility - Radiat Res 2000 Oct) Spirulina (algae) contains chlorophyll, vitamins B12 and B6, high carotenoid levels (The adaptive potentials of those who worked in the cleanup of the aftermath of the accident at the Chernobyl Atomic Electric Power Station unbefitting the predispose of different treatment methods Lik Sprava.
2000 Apr-Jun;(3-4):18-21; Radioprotective cause of reference from Spirulina platensis in mouse bone nucleus cells studied by using the micronucleus test.

Toxicol Lett.

1989 Aug;48(2):165-9; The postradiation use of vitamin-containing complexes and a phycocyanin citation in a radiation lesion in rats Radiats Biol Radioecol.
2000 May-Jun;40(3):310-4.
Russian) Remedies for the Elimination and Protection: ChemoRad-Shield (Chitosan & Humic-Acid Complex) (10): An effective strategy for combating exposure to radioactivity is ChemoRad Shield, which combines Chitosan with Humic and/or Fulvic Acids.

Chitosan (10): is a sailing fiber derived by deacetylation of crab shell fiber.
Sites on the fiber where acetyl groups obtain been removed by alternately washing with strong pungent and alkali move a strong positive electrical charge, negative that found on imbed fibers.

This provides chitosan with unique properties for imperative contradiction ions such as Chloride, as well as hefty metals, petrochemicals and radioactive particles.

Subjects given Chitosan in the aftermath of Chernobyl were able to abolish most of the radioactivity they had been exposed to in logical a few weeks.

Humic and Fulvic acids (10) are derived from peat.

Peat bogs augment organic imbed applicable for thousands of years, and with the aid of sunlight, distill some extraordinary interesting carbon compounds.

Humic sharp is found to keep the unsusceptible system at 85% efficiency when exposed to radiation and/or chemotherapy which normally suppresses immunity to about 15% effectiveness.

Fulvic pungent is a closely pertinent mineral transporter.
M-state Minerals (10) replace these required but subtle nutrients driven out of both our sustenance and our bodies by exposure to oscillating E.
Remedies: Reduction of the Susceptibility-Factor There is nowhere on sett that one can quite lose the electromagnetic fields of latter culture, hire alone those of nature.

Because electromagnetic radiation is comprehend to affect some family other than others, it is strikingly invigorating to rectify the overall performance of your biological system.
This reduces your susceptibility to stress, ruin and health risks.

Susceptibility, for exemplar to radiation induced leukemia, can be 12 times higher than regular for relatives such as: pregnant women, infants and descendants children asthmatics people with allergies heart patients diabetics arthritics prematurely aging individuals elderly people with environmental sensitivities people with psycho-emotional, psychosomatic or psychophysical (e.

sensory) hypersensitivities people with heavy metal toxicity people with parasites or leaky gut syndrome Essentially, progeny successors are perceptive because their bodies are actively forming.
The ailing are fresh open because they are already coping poorly with the toxins allot in their systems.

Energizing those toxins even with non-ionizing radiation neatly speeds up the degenerative processes.

Remedies are normal support substances or energies, which backing to doctor unpolluted constitution of the body's average functions.

The first rectify is always an partner problem immovable not only by the priority but also by the area of the object and its resultant feeling to the imposed stress.

The first means therefore, is an individualized one that observes in gospel the functional behavior patterns of the physiological method to be supported.

Systematic approaches to this include oriental medicine, homeopathy and besides final Bio-Energetic Regulatory (BER) methods.

BER incorporates many implements and concepts from earlier approaches to functional biological observation from both East and West.

It is not partial to any philosophical holder or suppositional model.
This allows the needed flexibility to finest analyze the interconnecting complexities of stresses found in today's population which run the gamut from EMF to chemical pollution to psychological stresses.

Energetic, nutritional and additional individualized help based on Bio-energetic Regulatory testing (10): This is the peak fashion of backing because it addresses the unique problems and needs of each person.

Nutrients and remedies protective censure radiation that can be tested for person effectiveness and tolerance include: Vitamins: beta-carotene (pro-A), retinol (A), pyridoxine (B6), cobalamin (B12), pantothene (B5), inositol (B11), choline (B5), PABA (B5), bioflavonoids (P), ascorbate (C) and d-alpha-tocopherol (E) Minerals: Bentonite clay (AlO2, etc.
), Calcium (Ca), Chromium (Cr), Copper (Cu), Iodine (I), Iron (Fe), Magnesium (Mg), Manganese (Mn), Potassium (K), Selenium (Se) and Zinc (Zn) Amino acids: Cysteine, sulfur bearing amino acids in senile garlic (SGP or Kyolic, grown in the pastoral north island of Hokkaido, Japan and manufactured in Hiroshima Prefecture by Wakunaga Pharmaceuticals), Histidine, MSM (sulfur bearing amino harsh precursor), NAC and the three amino harsh succession (tripeptide) Glutathione.

Enzymes: SOD, Glutathione Peroxidase.

RNA, and its breakdown product uric stinging (a potent anti-oxidant).
Adaptogens: Panax ginseng (Panax quinquefolia), Siberian ginseng (Eleutherococcus senticosus), Maca (Lepidium meyenii), Royal Jelly, Flower Pollen (Cernilton from A.
Cernelle in Sweden).
Flora: Lactobacillus acidophilus, Friendly-Flora, Effective Microbes.

Fiber: pectin, algin, kelp.
Essential Fatty Acids (EFA): Squalene oil from shark liver is radioprotective (Storm HM, Oh SY, Kimler BF, et al.
Radioprotection of mice by dietary squalene.


1993;28:555-559) Omega-3 fatty acids (alpha linolenic acid, EPA, DHA) from cold irrigate fish like salmon, mackerel and herring.
Omega-6 fatty acids (linoleic acid, gamma linolenic acid, arachidonic acid) from seeds like sunflower, sesame and pumpkin, and oils like dusk primrose, safflower, sunflower and linseed (flax).
Radiation Antitox (Apex Energetics) (9): This is an paragon of sector of the art intricate homeo-energetic formulation.

Radiation Antitox is designed specifically to donate assistance to those experiencing symptoms of electromagnetic stress.

This baffling helps to account all of the acupuncture meridians.

In cases of chronic electromagnetic stress, it is often combined with more complexes such as those for anti-oxidant protection, and restoration of cellular energy functions.

Vitamins and minerals, such as Vitamin A, Vitamin B complex, Vitamin C, plus zinc and selenium can be friendly partners as well.
This redress factory to activate the proof way and revitalize the cellular metabolism.
Radiation Antitox is with a composition of 52 ingredients.

Composition of the Radiation-Antitox: Homeopathic (electromagnetically energized dilutions of herbs, minerals and other substances): Aloe (herb) Echinacea angustifolia (herb) Echinacea purpurea (herb) Ferrum metallicum (mineral: iron) Fucus vesiculosus (herb) Jodum (mineral: iodine) Kali phosphoricum (mineral: potassium; moreover a cell salt) Lecithina (lecithin) Phosphorus (mineral; besides a cell salt) Sarcodes (homeopathically derived glandular extracts from hygienic organically raised animals): Bone marrow Hematopoetic tissue Placenta Skin Orthomolecular (nutritional) substances: DNA Iodine Lecithin Vitamin A Vitamin E Gemmotherapy (extracted from buds or supplementary highly active embed tissue, and used for the stimulation of drainage of toxins): Ribes nigrum gemmae Aulterra (9) is a homeopathically activated mixture of standard paramagnetic and diamagnetic elements (m-state minerals).
DNA researcher Dr.
Maria Syldona's scan concludes: ".
the standard coherent delectation emanating from Aulterra neutralized the incoherent gusto from the man-made EMF, enumeration it innoxious to human DNA.
" (Dr.
Maria Syldona, private conversation, June 12, 2001) A announcement on Aulterra-Neutralizer by bioelectromagnetic researcher Dr.
Glen Rein is available.

The Aulterra Neutralizer™ is the only product on the market with in vitro studies that prove human DNA can be protected from the damaging effects of EMF exposure.

This author, Dr.
Glen Swartwout (a.
a the wizard) provided initial research on the special paramagnetic and diamagnetic clay used to make Aulterra and originated the thought of its homeopathic activation.

Electromagnetic Stress flower essence mix (9): The component flowers essences and their functions are: Blackberry: overcoming racy ban and inertia Dill: assimilating gangling frequency stimulation Mariposa Lily: maintaining bonding with mother earth Pink Yarrow: strengthening the body's vigour sector in relation to more interpenetrating electromagnetic fields Self Heal: awakens blocked inner assets for balancing and healing Trillium: clears base chakra of unrefined vibrations, which trigger survival programming (including sympathetic nervous routine emphasis response).
Detoxosode Radiation (HoBoN) (9): This intricate homeopathic right contains several ingredients obliging for help against ionizing radiation stresses.

These ingredients include: Aloe socotrina: an herb in the lily family Diatomaceous earth: microscopic fossils of silica Pectins from fruits Sea vegetation: for alginate content Feng Shui tea (9): This tea is a combination of traditional oriental herbs designed to assistance decrease the body's susceptibility to electromagnetic stresses.

It is taken as a beverage over a phrase of several months.

The constituents and their functions in oriental medicine are: Chen Pi: regulates qi and prevents stagnation Plantago: drains dampness and clears heat Crataegus: for snack stagnation and congealed blood Polygonati: tonifies spleen and moistens lungs Agastache: for dampness obstructing middle burner Schizandra: astringent and for helpless lungs and kidneys Sophora: cools heat in liver and blood Cortex Mori Alba: relieves cough and reduces edema Peucedanum: relieves cough and expels phlegm Areca: for qi stagnation and wettest stagnation Lili: moistens lung yin and calms the spirit Perilla seeds: regulates lungs and moistens abdomen (source of EFAs) Smoky quartz (7) for radiation (x-ray): The gray, smoky variety of quartz is made by the absorption of radiation by clear quartz crystals in nature over thousands or millions of years.

Some of the smoky quartz crystals now on the vend are produced artificially by heat and do not keep the twin radiation absorption qualities.

Research has investigated the use of this property in the erasure of residual electromagnetic stresses from tissues exposed to x-ray radiation, such as medical and dental x-rays.

The mark of the crystal is placed castigate the exposed sector briefly until some relief in symptoms is noted.

Alternatively, smoky quartz can be tested for effectiveness and compatibility in a bio-energetic testing protocol.
It has been found that the crystal should be periodically exposed to red light in decree to striking it for additional use.

In this way, effective use of the duplicate crystal can be sustained over time.

Rhododendron multiple potency ampoule (4): This compound of several homeopathic potencies (carrier frequencies) of the rhododendron herb is worn to preserve condemn electromagnetic stress.

Arteriosclerose nosode (Staufen-Pharma) (2): Physicians licensed to use nosodes may prescribe an friend potency or use a potency chord.

This may be used on the cause of a homeopathic interview and/or a functional testing protocol.
Color and Light: Color and illuminate are intimately material to electromagnetic stress.

The perceptible octave of the electromagnetic spectrum is the one to which we are most sensitive.

Our aptitude to receive steal light message and zeal stimuli from our environment is a explanation factor in the constitution of every cell in the body.

Melatonin, the hormone produced by the pineal in warmth to the light/dark cycle, goes to every cell in the body.

When regulated properly by environmental light, it is the most potent necessitate known for longevity and prevention of cancer.
Improperly regulated, it can promote cancer.
Color has been shown to shift the invoice of the autonomic trembling system, which innervates every organ in the body.

This paired train procedure consists of the parasympathetic schism and the sympathetic division.

Imbalances in this fashion can be triggered by environmental stimuli such as EMF, theatrical decorate and other stressors.

The person can furthermore convert to acute and chronic stresses in an attempt to continue homeostasis.

This adaptation is another major cause of because it interferes with the flair to act optimallv even to a urgency liberate environment.

Note the types of dysfunctions, which are produced by imbalances in the sympathetic and parasympathetic trembling systems as listed in the tables.

Symptoms of an Autonomic-Imbalance: Parasympathetic-Dominance: Some of the symptoms of relative parasympathetic, anabolic, centripetal (inward) hyperactivity are: small pupils wide eyes one eye may turn inward (esophoria or esotropic strabismus) eye rarefy with nausea and headache migraine tearing puffy, droopy upper eyelid low compel (I.
) in the eyes, but moreover glaucoma congestion of sinuses, mucous membranes, bronchi hay fever excess salivation excess hunger excess fluid and travel of intestinal tract (hyperchlorhydria, pain, spastic constipation, diarrhea, incontinence) enuresis, cystitis, testy bladder slow core rate low blood pressure low blood sugar, but further diabetes lack of sweating eczema, itching (urticaria) rheumatoid arthritis low respiration rate asthma, spasmodic laryngitis, croup hypothyroidism excess assignment of: parathyroid, adrenal cortex, stomach, liver, pancreas, spleen, intestines.

Sympathetic-Dominance: Some symptoms of relative sympathetic, catabolic, centrifugal (outward) hyperactivity include: large pupils protruding eyeballs retinal bleeding dry eyes upper eyelid raised high force in the eyes poor visual focusing eye turns outward (exophoria or exotropia) difficulty concentrating on close work dry nose and throat dry mouth suppression of secretion, motion and digestion in gastrointestinal tract catarrhal gastritis, gastric ulcer typical (atonic) constipation due to decreased peristalsis fast pulse high blood necessitate even before arteriosclerosis angina pectoris, myocarditis high blood sugar goose bumps and cold sweaty skin increased tame item heat perspiration from palms, soles, underarms decreased urination, dysuria dysmenorrhea uterine cramps excess work of: thyroid, adrenal medulla, pituitary, gonads, muscles.

Color therapy (7): Color is one of the most conclusive and profound applications of electromagnetic delectation for balancing and restorative the finished body.

Syntonics is the optometric use of color through the eyes to improve visual health and fitness.

If you experience problems with your eyes or vision that are not solved by the standard means, this is an creditable visual therapy to turn to.
These frequently misunderstood problems often describe to poor or distorted knack to effectively receive the colors of the electromagnetic spectrum.
Referral to the nearest qualified practitioner is available by contacting the College of Syntonic Optometry.

If this therapy is not yet available in your area, pinpoint the nearest behavioral optometrist for additional traditional approaches to dram therapy through the Optometric Extension Program Foundation International or the College of Optometrists in Vision Development.

The traditional dram therapy approaches hold been shown to enhance color receptivity and discrimination when approached as a education process somewhat than an exercise.

Eye exercise per se has been associated in the research with legitimate decreases in light receptivity and integration.

Neurosensory Development is a system of color therapy utilizing the Lumatron instrument developed by Dr.
John Downing.
Spectro-chrome is a practice of color therapy developed by Dinshah in which the color is applied to the article quite than to the eyes.

Magenta is often indicated on the item in cases of electromagnetic stress.

It is especially invigorating over the chest (heart) and low back (kidneys).
It helps the something to minimize the circulatory effects of electromagnetic stress.

Night lights (3): If it is needed to preserve the use of a night light, or to use a flashlight during the night, then you should definitely use a red ooze to axe suppression of pineal function.

Activities: Visualization: Imagine the origin of weight becoming smaller and more away, while experiencing deepening breath with bodily relaxation.

:Law: :Prayer, Meditation & Contemplation: For the life of your heart is with your objective for the gospel and for the tranquillity in your heart.

For your fasting and psalm as your remedies are with the impression of your Lord.

For my God is for ‘I am’.
For the ‘I’ is as a [proper-] pronoun, and: ‘am’ is as a verb.
For Our Lord as Him Self is: noun by any spell and for His Verb is by His Being as the flair for our life.

Vision Therapy activities: Because dream is the ruling perceive for humans, and because it is also our most perceptive electromagnetic reception system, increased ripening and flexibility of this way reduces the quantity electromagnetic stress.

Match your afafir course to the sun: Sunlight out of synchronicity with the biological clock's speed becomes a major electromagnetic stress.

This is a major issue for night and swing shift workers.

It is besides a major feature of jet lag.
Keeping a general business revolution each day is extremely helpful.
Case-History: :Resonance with the Transmitter by the Receiver: As another model of the cordial of interactions that may take place, one patient's problems did not resolve until an interaction between a patrol and a orb was identified as the source.

The round had a goodly crystal, which picked up the oscillation frequency of the quartz crystal in the watch.
The metal of the sphere then conducted that resonance to the two meridians on the ring finger: those for the endocrine procedure and for processes of organ degeneration and emotion.

Several analogies can backing ornament this main of enthusiasm transfer through resonance.

One model is that if you nuzzle a bare fluorescent illuminate bulb, without any wires or fixture, imminent tightness transmission lines, it will actually irradiate up.
Another exemplar that can be experienced is that if you own two chain kit or tuning forks, which are in music with each other, you can din a tone on one of them, with the fresh a extent away.

Now cease the tremble producing the tone on the first instrument.

You consign be able to hear and stroke the shudder of the final instrument.

Today, of course, we are all so intimate with electronic communications that we midpoint move the belief for granted.

Think for a moment, however, about your radio, your TV, your cell phone, the protectorate dovetail for a enthusiasm span phone call or a cable TV evince from a distant city, your remote controls for TV and VCR, etc.
All of these typical devices of the message age administer on the twin principle.

The boon radios were crystal sets.

A crystal was caused to resonate by electromagnetic radiation in the radio wave cestuses of the electromagnetic spectrum.
The break of the spectrum, and the cease of the universe, govern no differently.

Ongoing research on Electromagnetic Stresses and Solutions is being carried out by the Remission Foundation as well as a paltry numeral of other, mainly homely research organizations and clinics like the Hawai’i Center for Natural Medicine.

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