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´╗┐Had a Car Accident Lately? "You'll never guess what happened to me?" I'm a professional intuitive consultant and when someone says that to me on the phone, it's never profit news.

I'm one of the top kin someone calls when they've been visited with a car accident by the fickle finger of fate.

Car accidents are frightening experiences.

But is it really fate? Let's procure into this matter and see what we can find out.

Dear Friend, when we hold car accidents, it's not predestination at all.
There's phenomenon you can do about this, to attain it out of your life for good.

I'd like to put the spotlight on car accidents in a noncritical, observant way, so you can treat yourself.
It makes me angry to see connections stride away from one accident only to posses another a few years later.
As a healer, I don't like to see kin in pain.

And if you've been in an accident, you know the aftermath of shock, rage and terror, sometimes resulting in pillar traumatic rouse syndrome.

Why go through this experience again? Let's achieve things like this out of our lives.

Let's carry control of our personal energy.

Here's the way.

The cosmos is mental.
It responds to you the way you think it will.
The Bible says, "It is done unto you as you believe.

" (We paraphrase the Bible metaphysically for the immense romance of wisdom that it is.

The language in the Bible is metaphorical.
) So does this mean you "believe in" accidents? Hey! you're thinking, I'm metaphysical but I'm not stupid.

No, that's simplistic.
Here is a adduce from Stanley Kubrick that I love, "The most terrifying gospel about the cosmos is not that it is hostile but that it is indifferent, but if we can come to terms with the indifference, then our existence as a sort can have real meaning.
However mammoth the darkness, we must supply our posses light.

" --Stanley Kubrick Kubrick speaks of infusing the languishing debate of the system with meaning.
I agree with him one hundred percent, but for this article, I would like to illustrate his observation that the fundamental issue of the world is indifferent.

We mean languorous like neutral.
The laws of physics are neutral.
One plus one equals two and if you push your glass off the table it consign fall to pave whether you are an general person, an enlightened person, a genius, a two year former in a highchair or eating your last victuals on death row.
The laws of metaphysics are neutral, too.
We sweep them so we can use them to our advantage.

They don't care how they are used.

Please understand, in a mathematical universe, there are no accidents.

This is a tiring credo to develop in nature when object rotting has happened but it cede do the most to mend the gusto which presented you with this speech in life.

Car accidents are costly on many levels and we scarcity them to stop.
The second dogma is, there are no victims of accidents.

Everyone is a volunteer.
For this reason, I'm going to doorknob from victim and perpetrator to the overhanging driver (perpetrator) and attracting driver (victim).
These principles may be new to you but if they're stirring entity inside, you can learn more.

It's heavy to contemplate when one has reasonable been rear-ended, or -- in the time of a gentlewoman I know, broadsided almost to death -- but this is no accident.

Instead, this is a highly synchronized meeting of two people on the alike gesture loop at precisely the twin moment.

Yes, that's right.

The projecting and attracting drivers would keep to be perfectly synchronized to find each additional in this world of limitless possibilities.

Since most of my readers are sake people, kind, holy and well meaning, I address this successors from the dot of landscape of the attracting driver.
Projecting drivers are not likely to scrutinize anything that consign enlighten them voluntarily.

They're fresh likely to wind up in court-appointed psychiatric evaluations or mandated compensation programs for alcohol, anger or weight management.

These are all roads to enlightenment.

What are the odds that the two of you would meet at the exact equivalent moment in time and space? Astronomical, wouldn't you say? You can mend your energy.

You can be innocuous on the road, on a slant and in an airport.

There is firmness in what I'm going to tell you.
State of temperament is what determines our wavelength at any grant case and that can change.

It's like tuning your radio to a different recess on the dial.
You could chat that you and the protruding driver are tuned to the equivalent organisation of the radio if you meet in such an close way.

So let's look for a moment at the character of mind.

That's how your wavelength is determined.

Actually, we hold two minds: the rational and the sand mind.

In astrology they are the higher and decrease mind and they are represented by the code Gemini and Sagittarius or the 3rd and 9th houses.

The buff disposition is what Kubrick calls the indifference of the universe.

True indifference is actually much closer to the spiritual area of nature than any figure of love, fervor, devotion or fresh emotion.

You recognize if you own ever witnessed affection die while caring and kindness preserve for a lifetime.

Yoga orator Gururattan Kaur Khalsa, Ph.
, one of my favorite consecrated writers at the moment, explains "The [mind] we normally govern from is the logical mind.

The reasoning mind has two functions, avowed as the negative mood and the positive mind.

The denial nature warns us why we shouldn't do article and the positive mind tells us the benefits of certain actions.

The two dialectic in an attempt to digit out the finest path of action.

"By itself, the logical disposition never reaches a full solution.

The sand attitude is the choice maker, the arbitrator, and the latter judge.

" Great consecrated advice and it further comes in handy on the road! Here's why.

The mushroom disposition is described in the astrology chart - our human version of it -- by the 9th house.

It's called the vocation of long spread motion and it describes driving on the freeway as rail tooling around the neighborhood.

It's also the domicile of musing because it is the want extent use of the humour -- far seeing, prophetic, intuitive, looking for patterns .
If you drive on the freeway, you're in a meditative province of consciousness at least ration of the situation whether you recognize it or not.

To drive on the freeway, we look for patterns and spaces.

This is a function of the higher or intuitive mind, like the spatial relations tests on college entrance exams.

It's using the identical allocation of the brain.

I've scan for many people in my 25 years as an intuitive consultant, astrologer and holy teacher/healer.
I'm one of the prime folks someone calls when they've been involved in a car accident.

I've talked to kinsfolk from their hospital bed and I politic a heap about this kindly of enthusiasm during the years.

I got advantage recognize of the liveliness that surrounds kin who are going to trail a projective driver into their personal space.

I try to inform kin for sure when I see it coming.
And if they won't listen to my warning, I try to "talk them down" out of the sector they're in anyway.

Sometimes I can do this and sometimes I can't.

That's why I'm writing this article.

Maybe you will learn phenomenon here that cede retain you safe.

I have read for a person who wrecked his obtain car and then totaled the rental car the remarkably later day.

He had no insurance and had bought none with the rental.
I interpret for a countess who was raped not once, but twice.

I construe for a maid who knew she would someday drive off a bridge and did so.
This miss is now in a wheel chair for life.

I am writing this phenomenon to wake people up! The states of nature I fondle put us on a influence circumgyration with a projective driver are these: Repressed hostility, disillusion or rage • Victim mentality • Trying to do further than one something at a instance (multitasking) • Being rushed or being late • Overextended lifestyle • Talking on the cell phone • Separation from self through over work and busy-ness (super mom) • Living completely outside the self, causing deep depression, self loathing, self loathing and even self injurious tendencies Let's bear a closer look at each of these.

• REPRESSED HOSTILITY, ANGER OR RAGE If you aren't expressing your keep emotions, someone entrust come right over and do it for you.
Or do it to you, I should say.

Some of the "nicest" and "sweetest" kinsfolk in the totality are involved in collisions for this thumping reason.

If they weren't so nice or so sweet, they might obtain been safer.
There are many socially acceptable ways to gain out the aggressions we all endure (yes, even the nice and sweet ones).
Frustration is the price we earnings for our hard-won civilized behavior.
Frustration has to retain some healthy outlet.

Some hygienic outlets are working out, formal competitions -- such as sales figures, foot races and beating last month's records -- athletics, fatiguing field work, hard housework, cleanup, reconstruction or remodeling projects, pet journaling, confiding in a fellow and Yoga or meditation.

Please do one of these things to keep yourself safe.

If you own any questions about supplementary suitable outlets, email me.

• VICTIM MENTALITY People with victim mentalities are accidents waiting to happen.

Why is it the duplicate people are robbed twice, rear foregone twice, even raped twice? Here are some ways to attain out of the victim position.

Go on a victim-free diet for three months.

Do not scrutinize about, listen to stories about, policing movies or television shows, sympathize with or even imagine about any connections or animals who are victims.

If someone tries to notify you a victim story, caution them you unbiased remembered you own to be somewhere to see a comrade about a horse! If you're volunteering at the animal cover or working in a province that interacts strongly with more victims, such as social welfare, nursing or atonement and rehabilitation programs, please consider that this may not be the employment for you.
Some can work in these fields and remain accident emancipate because they don't participate in victim mentality.

If you've had an accident, this counts you out.

Don't worry, someone will trudge in the sway door reasonable as your leaving out the back.
Many kin who are attracted to these fields keep had histories of neglect in their posses childhoods and are working out issues of victimization.

We lack to cure these issues.

We absence you to produce a innocuous and comfortable aura around yourself.
Then the projective driver leave recent redress by.

• TRYING TO DO MORE THAN ONE THING AT A TIME (MULTITASKING) Have you ever tried to rub your skipper with one menial and pat your intestines with the other? A gone device on MSN Internet revealed that kinsfolk eat, smoke, read, shave, apply makeup and hold sex while driving.
Multitasking is becoming a manner of life for some kinsfolk and these are some of the most likely people, unfortunately, I'll peg for accidents in the years ahead.

Multitasking is wonderful if you're sitting at a computer and it's a lifesaver if you're stuck at home bored but if you're sitting at the wheel of a $30,000 lethal weapon, no! Where driving is concerned -- and hear me on this, where life is concerned -- additional is not better.
Faster is not better.
When you correct your driving, it consign revise the discontinue of your life, too.
• BEING RUSHED AND IN A HURRY Being rushed and in a hasten already has us out of sync… with ourselves.

When we are out of sync with ourselves, we are out of stroke with gain timing in all matters.

Timing is a very eminent feature of spiritual life.

You can alert how far you're coming toward wholeness by how thieve your understand of timing is.

We notice a few void sages who don't own watches or clocks.

They wake up absolutely and arrive on point effortlessly.

Their inner timing is perfected.

Meditation can help.
If you find yourself rushing, at least vigil the self-talk.
Many people who "run late" accompany this mannerism with a territory of temper involving "Why do you do this? When are you going to learn? It's so rude to be late! You are so inconsiderate! Why did you posses to make that last phone call? Can't you ever impartial be on time? …" Stop the chatter.
If you're late, you're late.

Get there alive.

If being overdue is a chronic condition for you, I retain some articles of big profit to you on my website.

• OVEREXTENDED LIFESTYLE We are holistic beings in spite of ourselves.

We are quite consistent in our behavior across the entire area of our activities.

If you suspect this, take some occasion to perceive others first, because it's easier, and then yourself.
If someone eats fleet and unconsciously, they besides drive fast and unconsciously.

And their sex is that fashion too! What this dogma of consistency fashion if that you can't be overextended in one province of your life and not in another.
Borrowing Peter to emolument Paul, living on pecuniary you haven't earned or living beyond your manner will moreover be reflected in the procedure you drive.

• TALKING ON THE CELL PHONE Talking on the cell phone is a function of the decrease or thinking mind.

Driving on the freeway, as we perceive from earlier in the article, is a function of the higher or torpid mind.

Just as it is impossible to be two places at one time, it is impossible to be in both of these minds at the equivalent time.

The inducement we teach connections to meditate is that as soon as they compass the higher mind, the diminish nature must vacate.

This is called "stilling the mind".
When we are in the higher mind, the decrease temper must vacate.

These two minds are mutually exclusive.

Conversely, when we are in the reduce mind, the higher mood must vacate.

Talking on the cell phone uses the shorten mind.

It vacates the higher mind and that is the one we scarcity for freeway driving -- the disposition that looks for spaces, patterns and flow.
Is it any wonder that speaking on cell phones causes so many accidents? Cell phones are actually a sub category of the ones above, trying to do two things at one point and main a rushed, crowded or overextended lifestyle.

• SEPARATION FROM SELF THROUGH OVER ACTIVITY AND BUSY-NESS (SUPERMOM) What happens when you obtain an accident? You wind up flat on your back for awhile, staring at the railing and wondering how this could keep happened to you? Well, productively, let's concentrate on the finest half of the sentence quite than the last.

When was the last circumstance you sat around and did nothing? Accidents arise to many connections who are so out of fondle it takes a zap from the universe to earn them back together with themselves for a scarcely grade time.

Many relatives prosper to see their accidents as one of the elite things that could posses happened because it forced them to pause and think about where they were headed in their lives and to feel in with what's really important, especially in serious accidents where one's full life flashes before them.
What I'd like you to do is spring the allowance about the accident and pledge that you'll spend additional down time.

Promise yourself two hours a week of journaling, listening to music, taking a walk, playing with your guy or someone else's and holding hands with your significant other.
You'll be glad you did and I'll be glad you did, too.
I don't like it when my phone rings and someone says, "Nancy, you'll never guess what happened to me?" • LIVING ENTIRELY OUTSIDE THE SELF, CAUSING DEEP DEPRESSION, SELF LOATHING, SELF HATRED AND SELF DESTRUCTION I'm going to caution you a news that cede convince you how serious this empire is but first, let's review what we know about being true to ourselves.

Simply put, nothingness is supplementary esteemed than finding who you are and being that person.

I or any astrologer can absolutely support you with this.

Few of us escaped the conditioning of early childhood and school years that may hold encouraged us to ignore our true selves and conform to heirs or society's expectations.

As adults, we need to uncover our legitimate selves.

The astrology chart is the most faithful blueprint I sense for revealing the actual self.
Not only is it the most stressful object in the universe to try to be something we're not (and I mean this neutrally not critically), it is annoying at some quality to the slice of us that is whole.

There is thing in us that, when rupture off from our complete self, revolts and takes revenge.

When I blessing began reading, 25 years ago, I had a client who often called with what were extraordinary insignificant problems but I knew item was brewing in the background.

Her calls were about the brand new home which had a few infrequently deficiencies.

Her husband was tardy in putting in the new sod.

And her sister-in-law was uncommonly depressed although she, too, had a wealthy husband, new home and was expecting a closing young in a few months.

This client didn't term uncommonly often and would budget the calls to these few items.

I never had a arise to obtain extraordinary far with her.
One day much to my horror she called to warn me her sister-in-law had been hit leader on by a semi.
She and the adolescent (in utero) were killed instantly.

Policemen covenant with relatives at a uncommonly extreme level logical like psychics and intuitive consultants.

TI mean by this that kinsfolk cede lie on Gallup polls and psychological research interviews but not in situations where police and psychics find them.
Police label this grade of entity in their column of work, "suicide by cop", a object which I expect from O.
Simpson one of these days.

He has Saturn in the 12th house.

Be that as it may be, this heirs gentlewoman found a tragic style out of her predicament.

Was this her fate? No! She could have healed herself.
But sometimes -- and I chat this with fresh feelings in my centre than many kin can feel for themselves at certain times -- they would literally reasonably die than change.

If you are desperately sorrowful in your life, your marriage, your job, there is a projective driver who consign subconsciously drift to that liveliness and fulfill your deadly wishes.

This is a horrifying and uncommonly actual possibility.

Please wake up! You can restore yourself.
When we are as depressed as this spawn woman, phenomenon wants to die, yes, but it does not involve the physical body.

We are dying to old ways to thinking, believing, acting.
Perhaps we are dying to a absolute method of life.

Or our invalid routine of life has died.

But it is a psychic death that is obtaining place.

None of this is meant to involve the physical body I’m going to inventory some of the astrological energies that are implicated in car accidents but do not carry this as a jamb hypnotic submission that you if you retain one of these placements or someone you comprehend does, that you entrust have a car accident.

Use your unshackle will.
Choose to use these energies constructively.

Take this item as a domesticate nudge to wake up.
Be especially attendant and aware when you achieve tardy the wheel.
A most indeed duck as many of the items above as possible: • MARS/URANUS Mars in square or opposition to Uranus is the "accident prone" aspect.

Usually the friend is motion too swiftly for circumstances; these kinsfolk furthermore operate acutely poorly to being confined, such as in a traffic jam, or having their customary route blocked -- they can become quite irrational in their responses • GEMINI PLANETARY ENERGIES Gemini planetary energies style having Gemini disreputable in your chart (Sun, Moon, South Node or Saturn) or having celebrated placements like the Sun, Moon, South Node or Saturn in your 3rd house.

A elapsed Survey by SunCorp which studied 160,000 accident claims over a three year spell by sun token showed Geminis as the worst drivers.

They speculated this was because Geminis are distracted and impatient when things machination too slowly.

Geminis are besides the symbol most likely to rush, do too many things at one occasion and prattle on the cell phone while driving.
Visit my website to read the whole series I did on this Survey.

• TAURUS AND PISCES PLANETARY ENERGIES Pisces and Taurus planetary energies means revered placements such as Sun, Moon, South Node or Saturn in one of these signs, or in the 2nd or 12th houses.

Taurus and Pisces are the two archetypal energies that tend most to live in their retain rarely world.

This is lovely and fine when you're home cleaning the garage, washing the car, balancing the checkbook, watching your favorite recording or writing in your journal.
Driving on the freeway is an acutely complex social and obscure theoretical activity, requiring the ultimate awareness of far immediate surroundings and an recipience of the complexities of human behavior .
like it or not! • LIBRA PLANETARY ENERGIES Libra planetary energies means important placements such as Sun, Moon, South Node or Saturn in Libra or in the 7th house.

These energies often give inactive aggressive individuality dynamics (seething with resentment?) that is thumping beguiling to projective drivers.

• PLUTO ON THE NORTH NODE Pluto on the North Node or by transit is always a hardly grain tricky.

If you're looking for a way out of the liability of living your actual life -- it is rigorous and laborious to be thoroughly alive -- Pluto has a seductive gang to it.

It has a means of darkly fulfilling languorous and foolish wishes through the powers of the subconscious.

I obtain pragmatic relatives live through amazing accidents only to die in a remarkably mundane way at the later possible opportunity.

Presumably, this was their wish.
Pluto invites transformation and does not necessarily mean to involve the physical body but sometimes there is a misunderstanding in the personality of the individual.
Tow truck drivers, like policemen and psychics, interact with family repair after severe car accidents.

I once had a revealing speech with a tow truck driver who was driving me back to my house.

We passed a stretch in the road where there own been many fatal accidents.

We both agreed that there was a gloomy haunt generous of zeal which gathered around places where fatal accidents had occurred and which actually began to build up.
"Dead Man's Curve" was a appealing song when I was a teenager.
The unsmiling truth is that if you chasm through one of these places while you are unconscious, you can be pulled off into the void.

Please don't be alarmed by this reality.

If you're alive to scrutinize this article, you've already driven safely through at least one of these places.

Always drive warn and always present yourself a instigation to be alive.

If you are sorrowful in any territory of your life, do something about it, no dispute how difficult.

I’ve given several superior things not to do, now I’ll consign you two famous things always to do: • grant yourself a inducement to live; and • and stay conscious to that fact.

If you have one of these planetary energies accented in your chart and the shoe fits, please wear it.

Wake up.
Be aware.

Be alive and apprise behind the wheel! We need you to drive responsibly and get there safely.

If you don't tell to anything in this article, then it is not for you that it was written.

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