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Their goal, methodology, nature etc too are varied.

Many precepts give themselves while executing various activities of this inert/conscious world and furthermore creating/destructing the same.

Hence God classifies these powers for various functions and thus the creation is managed optimally.

This then is the riddle of Avatars.

Time and again God’s dogmatic energies incarnate on tunnel for overcoming mismanagement and fulfilling varied requirements.

As circumstance flows by things that were useful become useless.

Although circumstance moves by speedily objects, situations etc cannot posses rhythm with it.

As a result they become withered and useless.

Today’s freshly cooked yummy sustenance starts decaying in fair 2 days.

Cloth kept for a inclination juncture too starts tearing.
Strong buildings fall down and the entity ages with time.

In the alike practice traditions, beliefs etc too escape their utility value.

Society like a dwelling not swept with a broom gets surrounded by undesirable taints.

Under such situations the expired and bad has to be removed a replaced with neo creation.

For this transformation God’s energy again and again incarnates.

Of cycle general tasks go on as before.

The liveliness that fulfills the undertaking of juncture is called ‘Mahakal’.
It transforms an entire era.
It is besides called Rudra.
Transformation is generally ‘Raudra’ or terrible in nature.

Hence Rudra’s activities too are painful.
Via Tandav leap he manifests creation annihilation.

Via gap of his 3rd eye he burns to ashes all desires including sexual ones.

In every part of his thing one finds poisonous snakes coiled around.

Fearful ghosts, Bhairav, Vaital are his army.

What to prate about his sharp weapon called Trishul.
When he sounds his Damru (small drum) a gale brews in all directions.

Such is the terrific Rudra deity who is the captain of era transformation.

Behind this awful fright lies the feeling of globe welfare.

Hence on his scalp flows the nectarine River Ganges.

The figure of calm and serenity i.

moon too is found here.

The bull who symbolizes gentlemanliness, faith and goodwill is his vehicle.

He neither allows disillusion to strew in the world nor does he fairly gulp it.

Instead he holds it in his throat so as to be called Nilkantha (blue throat).
Such is Maharudra-Mahakal.
Mahakal’s ruling deity is Mahakali.
Mahakal is a maxim and Mahakali is the fastness that manifests this potential in action.

The sun dwells millions of miles away from earth.
Its rays are proclaimed to influence assorted stars, galaxies etc in interstellar space.

If Mahakal is the sun, Mahakali is its rays.

The reality possibly anything but its experience is of greater urgency for us.

Mahakal’s existence can be experienced by us only via Mahakali.
Hence we denominate her ‘mother’.
Mahakal no doubt is our father but we can contact him only via Mother Mahakali.
No vacillate in era transformation Mahakal’s desire and afflatus exist yet the tributes for fulfilling this work definitely goes to Mahakali.
In rule to convert an individual, society and the totality that Great Energy which occasion and again laughs dancingly, dances for world annihilation is called Mahakali who harbors an humour of globe well being.
In Puranas or mythology one finds tantalizing dogmatic sports of Mahakali.
When demonic forces ruled the roost, sins augmented, vileness grew like weeds and the statement of universe society got marred so as to sow lack, discontent and hell like agitation Mahakali incarnated and challenged vileness.

In that battle demons were single handedly overpowered by her.
That deficiency of stillness which manifests to ultimately bounce scatter quiet is called Super Peace.

She is called Durga meaning one answerable to coenoby hardships (Durg) into joy.

This Durga Energy is Shiva’s (one who wishes everyone’s well being) wife.

In connubial males are given more weight than females.

But here this is not true.

In Shiva-Shakti, Shakti reigns.

In the word Siva ‘I’ is none other than Shakti.
If ‘I’ is removed the duration becomes Shava or corpse.

In pictures of Mahakali, she is heuristic to frisk on Shiva’s chest who is lying down on the ground.

It system that from shiva’s bosom manifests zest, liveliness and energy.

If Shiva were not to gain all this, he would remain a mere taintless witness-seer.
Mahakal incarnates case and again.

In order to fulfill the occupation of era transformation again and again he has taken up many garbs and performed many dogmatic sports.

His external forms miscellaneous but his inner goal was one viz.
‘paritranaya sadhunam vinashaya cha dushkritan dharma sansthapanarthaya sambhavami yuge yuge’.
Mahakali’s role is to pacify Mahakal’s ire, render his bosom salty and disallow his covert to diminish.
Their combined activity fulfills their mission as Avatars.

In an electrical motion one roost is positive and the supplementary rod is negative.

If this bill were not there the wire would burn and the objective of the powerhouse would flag to succeed.

Mahakal has to execute very formidable and fiery Rudra like tasks.

Mahakali renders these tasks well managed, balanced, peaceful, serene and mobile.

If this were not the situation this Avatar would be uncommonly fiery and an explosion could carry place.

When Shiva’s best wife Daksha-Sati gave up her mortal coil there was a consuming dearth to fulfill this void.

As Uma she was reinstated.

In day to day parlance Mahakali is furthermore called a Great Revolution.

It is easy only via aid of discriminative brilliant divine souls.

From the bodies of despairing demigods Prajapati gathered a scarcely zeal from each one so as to create Durga.
It was she who defeated demons like Madhu-Kaitab, Mahishasur and Shumbh-Nishumbh.
Madhu-Kaitab practice thinking weakness, vileness and sentimental disarray.

Mahishasur system political anarchy, vileness in control and misuse of power.
Shumbh-Nishumbh style social and economic mismanagement.

The system faces strife when there is imbalance of the above kind.

In command to rectify this there is a lack of impression revolution, political circuit and social/economic revolution.

Via Mahakali’s frisk and destruction/creation the desired goal of an Avatar is realized.

Via this business Mahakal’s reverie is fulfilled.

It is very marked that the laurels may go to Mahakal yet deep down it is Mahakali who is at work.
In Tretayuga when it was necessary that demon Ravan’s vileness be uprooted Mahakal incarnated as Lord Ram.
Ram played a major role.

He executed many divine sports and thus replaced unrighteousness with righteousness.

But those who project things subtly comprehend who exactly was orchestrating all this? A hindmost direction was there overdue the curtain.

Kaushalya had filled Ram’s psyche with greatness.

Kaikeyi created that situation.

Although her undertaking seems disliking and inapt yet she carried it out so that the Avatar could fulfill his mission.

Else how could a very issue princely Ram go to the forest, congregate monkeys/bears and go to a beautiful dock like Lanka and abolish its center of demonic acts? Mahakali not as Kaikeyi but as Sita executed the desired task.
By accompanying Ram in the heap Sita imbued his psyche with pungency and by giving him breach made arrangements to whole the hindmost chapter of a revolution.

Sita was born from a pot which contained drops of blood of assorted Rishis.

The honours for her return from Lanka goes to the monkeys.

From this it is clear that revolutions cannot materialize via lone efforts but that it is executed by a mammoth gang of individuals.

How much did Sita contribute towards Ram’s glory, leadership and fulfillment of his mission? This can be gauged not grossly but only via a subtle vision.

When Mahakal incarnated as Lord Krishna in Dwaparyuga he was nurtured by the affection of Devaki/Yashoda, Kunti’s encouragement and blessings, Draupadi’s faith and Radha’s dogmatic love.

Radha and Krishna together are worshipped everywhere.

Both loved each other dearly and from the gist standpoint had merged into each other.
The report of Shiva-Shakti too was because of this.

Yet this love was sacredly divine.

Despite appearing as husband-wife they were beyond lascivious sexual lust.

Rayan Ghosh was Krishna’s maternal uncle.

Radha was Rayan’s wife.

It is vocal that when Radha was obtaining connubial her groom Rayan Ghosh lovingly seated adolescent Krishna in his lap.
Even while circumambulating the Yajna flame he carried this child.

From this it is marked that Radha was much older than Krishna.
It is not manageable for a child to harbor sexual instincts.

When Krishna left Mathura/Vrindavan, Radha continued to dwell there and at that instance Krishna was 16 years old.

Later he marriage many brides.

His capital queens were Rukmini, satyabhama, Jambavati etc and he had further queens too.
This then was his ordinary householder’s life.

Mahakali incarnated as Radha.
She imbued Krishna with so much firmness that subtle seers avowed her to be Krishna’s wife and everywhere there were jointly worshipped.

The role of husband-wife is remarkably inspirational since it gives a stockpile of force to one another and there is self renunciation too.
For this there is no want of sexual activities.

In Radha Krishna’s life there was not even an fleck of lust.

If the Maharas with Gopi’s is viewed from a sacred standpoint it is clear that it is to render the marrow zestful.
The undesirable fortification constructed between males and females is hire asunder via Maharas.

No question lewd sex must be obstructed but why delay the consecrated confederation between males and females? This query was solved by Lord Krishna via Maharas.

Maharas is a substantial feeling via which the incarnation of God became supplementary shining and powerful.
Meera yearned Krishna to be her husband and despite Krishna’s physical want she attained that uncommonly intense holy affection which a usual gladly wedding pair attain.

In such doctrinal feelings there is no dearth of bodily closeness.

Mahakal incarnated as Buddha.
His mother like Madalasa had taught him a lot.

Like King Gopichand’s mother had lovingly nurtured his bosom.
In order to perform austerities for a certain occasion compass Buddha had to cease his wife and son Rahul for acceptance solitude.

But this province did not last long.
Yashodhara by becoming his devotee played the role of Mahakali.
She took up the obligation of awakening Buddha-hood in women and thus reaped amazing results.

Buddha attained a stockpile of strength and what was lacking was fulfilled as Chandi.
Ambapali was a universe celebrated dancer but when her unenlightened nucleus awakened she shed her muddy body.

She surrendered her body, temperament etc to Buddha and gave him opulence which was allied to Kubera’s wealth.
Thus Tathagat got vast power.
An regular comrade can never speed how much honours goes to Ambapali’s self ceding for fulfilling the incarnation’s mission.

In the recent few centuries such an illusion has crept in that women are storehouses of taints.

The supplementary someone hates her and stays away from her, the supplementary he is considered a renunciate and ‘saint’.
This rationale is clink negative to Indian culture.

Indian religion is based on Varna-Ashram.
The 4 Ashrams are Brahmacharya, Grihastha, Vanaprastha and Sanyasa.
All 4 Ashrams include presence of females.

In childhood a mother pours her feelings lovingly.

Sisters are companions.

In married life, husband-wife self abandonment and thus coenoby duality into non-duality.

Even in Vanaprastha and Sanyasa a wife is ones companion.

In ancient times Rishi-Munis along with their wives lived in forests so as to work for globe well being.
Right from Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh to supplementary demigods, they all were married.

It is sheer delusion to conjoin giving up women to spirituality.

Yes! Her sexual enticement must be shunned.

A person perfect of centre impel can feeble allot up this turned outlook.
Very recently Mahatma Gandhi in his youth at the age of 33 years started looking at his wife extremely sacredly and without sexual inclinations.

He looked upon Kasturba as his hallowed individual and for their absolute life lived with such legitimate emotions.

The oath between Mahakal and Mahakali is never based on lust.

Hence in the duty of an incarnation if we see the 2 wheels of a chariot motility in tandem there is naught amazing about it.

In actuality it is general and most required.

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