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´╗┐What It Means To Be A Genuine Prisoner Of The Lord Everyone has a materialize to live in a Paradise of immortal life after leaving this apportion universe in death.
God makes no conformity of persons.

He calls “everyone” to repentance.

However, there are just a select “few” who actually guide this name and receive a borne again pith from God.

These are the chosen ones scripture speaks about.

After getting the borne again spirit, life is stagnant no gravy train, and it does not mean a fellow consign then be forever consecrated with all kinds of prosperity, wellbeing health and so on.

It only procedure you posses received “the initial ticket,” that leads to the gates of elysium and a Paradise of immortal life.

This initial ticket is chiefly a gist of system from the Holy Ghost.

If those method are followed, a partner is then proclaimed to God as being amenable and one who Loves God.

Obedience is amend than any other generous of yielding a comrade can advance up to God.

Obedience is the resistant of a person’s true affection for God.

If a comrade maintains ladylike obedience day in and day out, minute after minute of each 24 hour period, they abide as God’s True Elect, which is a extremely few numeral of connections globe wide.

Those few true elect are all animated on a straggling and narrow passage holding their label of system recognized to their hearts as a fine treasure on their means to a Paradise of deathless life…….
but inactive not there until the last breath leaves our body, finished and actual in heart is all that cede actually see God.

I name the full and veritable in centre as being “the actual key” that bequeath unlock the gate of elysium and on into everlasting life of Paradise.

Another duration we can label the absolute and genuine in heart, the true elect of God, is “a Prisoner of the Lord.

” Now, Paul, the Apostle, is a true prototype of a Prisoner of the Lord, to all generations and all races of this world that came after him.
In the narrative of Ephesians, Chapter 3, verse 1, Paul the Apostle writes: “For this surpass I Paul, the slave of Jesus Christ for you Gentiles, if ye own heard of the dispensation of the beauty of God which is given me to you-ward: How that by revelation he made avowed unto me the mystery; as I wrote afore in few words, whereby when ye read, ye may surmise my learning in the enigma of Christ.

What Paul the Apostle is telling us here is: Read what I keep written for you, all that come after me, for I am a veritable prototype of what a Prisoner of the Lord actually is.

Now Paul was a companion who did not actually privation to serve God.

He was called several times before he finally answered the call.
After he answered, his life was not made much ameliorate than it was before he answered.

He asked God three times to remove a arrow that was in his side, and God never did remove the thorn.

He suffered many things to be able to preach the actuality of Christ.

He was not a companion who was all that well notion of, and who was greeted in the markets and the streets with “Hello, there Brother Paul, the Great Apostle, so nice to retain run into you today.

” “See you in Church Sunday morning.
” Paul was made a pastor according to the ability of the beauty of God given to him by the effectual working of his power.
He was not a person who placed a Bible in his arm after graduating from Minister College, and settling into some nice commune with a nice quarters to live in sitting beside it.

A Prisoner is one who goes and comes at the behest of his master.
Most likely, Paul had no certain accommodation cranny and often did not recognize where he would be from week to week.
His teaching, his instructions, his enlightenment came lank from the Grace of God and the Holy Ghost which he received once he finally answered the name of repentance.

Paul was to make all men see what the true fellowship of the enigma of Christ really was and is idle today.

This is superiority of object even from the onslaught that is quiescent to the eyes and the hearts of most men and women, and phenomenon that can only be politic and revealed only through receipt the Holy Ghost.

You do not learn this in Bible Colleges! Fellowship with Christ is not a perfect bed of roses and does not guarantee a ameliorate life in this life in any shape, earth or fashion.

Fellowship with Christ means just neatly to be one of his pure Prisoners.

As a Prisoner of Christ, we cannot faint when tribulations come our way, but we must toady our knees unto the Lord Jesus Christ, of whom the complete family in kingdom and covert is named, so that he can present you according to the riches of his acclaim (which eventually is Paradise in everlasting life), and to strengthen by the terrible power of God the inner man.

Forget about what that outer frontage looks like for the moment.

Howbeit, at all times we are commanded to be descent, there reasonable is no other genre of outer costume or traditional costume that must be worn in order to declare the cosmos a light of any kind.

Decency in our system of outer costume is all the Lord requires.

But that inner friend is what the Lord hopes to strengthen, and has to be strengthened, if he or she entrust obtain the key to unlock heaven’s gates.

And to understand the affection of Christ, which passes the temporal learning of fellow and duchess so that we might be filled with all the fullness of God instead.

Our outer dress should be the complete armour of God so that we consign be able to structure condemn the wiles of the devil.
Believe me; a tattoo on the shoulder or a T-shirt adage I am a Christian or any such thing as this, or outfits of all identical colors is not going to preserve us in any means censure the wiles of the devil.
For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, rail the rules of the darkness of this world, lambaste spiritual badness in lofty places.

This is why it is celebrated to hold a strong inner heart with God and an outer outside not of a certain style of clothing or tattoo or any such article as this, but that our outer garments are actually our “obedience” to the method we receive from the Holy Ghost in the attack of our walks with Christ and every minute that we live as a Prisoner to Christ.

The outer garment that is our adorn to the cosmos is having the whole armour of God upon us, so that we can stand strong inveigh the enemy, which is the devil and all his impurity spirits, having our loins girded with the truth, our breastplate should be covered with rectitude (again this is our obedience) and our feet shod with the preparation of the truth of still (this meaning we should carry ourselves on foot through this sleep spreading the gospel with “peace” and not with vain acclaim attempts or contentions about the word, but with peace.

Take the shield of faith so we can sate all the fiery darts of the wicked when they come at us.

Put on our heads not a pink bonnet that matches the garb and shoes we are wearing, but a “helmet of salvation,” which is again our behaviors and deference that leads to that salvation, and last of all the sword of the Spirit, which is the interval of God.

We must wear a shield of faith.
Without faith none of us can understand God and his system for us.

Pray always, so that utterances can be given and we can flexible our mouths boldly, not being afraid of the adversary, to make avowed the true secret of the gospel.
Now for those who are able to do fresh and to do exceedingly abundantly above all that is asked or is opinion of, and always according to the force of God that plant within that person, agreement him be “Glory” in the sanctuary by Christ Jesus throughout all occasion and generations in this totality and with no end.

A real jailbird of God becomes an keenly “hard worker” for the church.
Does this mean the sanctuary that is down on 5th Street? It style the World Wide Church in all four corners of the lair is what the altar is.

It has no certain spell of Baptist, Methodist, Catholic, Pentecost or Jew.
Hard workman does not mean painting, remodeling, decorating, cleaning the church, pound sales and throwing huge banquets; it practice in the hallowed things of God, a veritable prisoner of the Lord actually performs some laborious assignment for the church.
You might say, oh, well I belief it meant being a Sunday school lecturer for the hardly kids on Sunday morning….
Also as a slave of the Lord manner to trudge laudable of the calling in which we are called.

Now here we go again with “obedience.

” Obedience manner a stack to the Lord; and malleability of what? The Ten Commandments, but the top two is the mightiest of all of them and in which all the supplementary laws hang upon.

Obey the finest two commandments and you are on your practice to Paradise.

Paul said he suffered shipwreck, he suffered perils, he suffered nakedness and he was hurl into prison for being a Prisoner of the Lord, and for delivering the actuality as it was given him of the Holy Ghost.

I wonder fair why he suffered nakedness.

Don’t you surmise it was probably the people he preached to that would not receive him; they probably tore his clothing off of him in disillusion at him for his conversation of system from the Holy Ghost.

A actual convict of God is not always a fellow or woman who is well liked.

When we keep to move hard sayings to fundamental and wilful people, they might attain a scarcely foul back to us.

I reckon this is why Paul suffered nakedness at times, the scripture does not go into large fact as to what this means, and I am equitable imagining that this may have been the cause.

I know he was put into prison for preaching the gospel.
So why in this macrocosm would anyone need to be a Prisoner of Christ if they might posses to suffer because of it? It is not for those things we can see and notice of in this apportion world, but it is for those things promised us after this system has passed away, and that is Paradise in Eternal Life.

Next instance the television academic tells you to send them $50 to pray for you to become prosperous, don’t think it.

It is fair not true, but all lies stem from the father of lies, which is Satan himself.
Jesus Christ entrust not ever inform you to send him fiscal for any of his services.

Many are called, but few are chosen.

It is up to each man if they scarcity to be chosen, and a heap of kinsfolk are unbiased not alert to suffer “anything” to be a convict of Christ.

Most kin look for what is in it for them right now, redress this uncommonly moment (lovers of themselves and of the flesh rather than of God) and if they can’t see or caress thing at the bestow moment, they logical retain on mobile down that sweeping alley with all their buddies, of which, there are many, for hell has enlarged itself because there are so many people “choosing” and therefore destined to go there.

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