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Is Nikken A Reliable Home Business? Nikken Global Inc is one of the world's biggest framework marketing (MLM) and health-products companies.

Its roots are in Japan, the world's skipper in the mesh marketing industry.

It has been reported that one in every eight homes in Japan contains a Nikken wellness product.

A troupe list states, "Nikken was created to fill a need.

In 1975, Isamu Masuda conceived of an invention that would relax and refresh millions of kin who suffered from one of mankind's most ordinary complaints: graze feet, and the fatigue that this extends to the full body.

He drew his muse from the pebbled surface at the craft of a Japanese national bath, added magnetism and the Magstep, the elite product, was born.

" The balance continues, "Magsteps are an prototype of a pioneering opinion - wellness solutions based on the general world.

But the party and its founder were motivated by fresh than products.

A wish of caring, of helping others, was important to the corporate vision.

" Nikken Opportunity--A Different View Many ex-distributors caress that Nikken's company vista may be focused further on profits for the side itself and moreover for a tiny rate of sales leaders at the finest of a extraordinary sizeable heap.
Are these disgruntled folks correct, or does the gospel lie somewhere between their opinions and crew claims? Let's consider two primary areas-products and undertaking opportunity.

Question #1--Products Following the commercial success of their magnetized shoe insert-Magsteps--they introduced a train of Kenko™ berth products in 1978 and 1979.
A bunch register claims: "Every magnetic product uses static (permanent) magnets, for safety and reliability.

Products such as the Kenko™ Sleep System use bipole magnets to product a motif of magnetic motility that creates a landscape of peaks and valleys of magnetic enthusiasm considered prototype for a berth surface.

" In addition to shoe inserts, fresh magnetic products include clothing, perceptive aegis wraps, wet cleansing devices, land masks, and mattresses.

Nikken further sells nutritional supplements, press products, pet-care items, jewelry, scrape care products, negative-ion technology, plus dress and fresh items made with ceramic-reflective fibers claimed to perpetuate an example item temperature.

As wanting as officers or distributors make no medical claims for their products, naught is apparent--based on their product line--to gesture a problem.
Consideration #2--The Business Opportunity The group had total sales of $5.
5 billion from traditional sales before inception operations in the U.
Nikken U.
, Inc was formed in April, 1989.
At that time, its undertaking surpass was changed to multilevel marketing (MLM).
A crew list states: "Life as an independent Consultant gives you the latitude to live as you wish.
To achieve as much as you deserve.

Even to make a difference in the world, helping others.

" How Much Do You Deserve? It is extraordinary fatiguing to find a existing (2009) annual data of earnings.

During 2007: * 59% of all consultants were no longer active after a 12 month period.

* 98.
4% of all U.
"active" consultants earned an usual of $1817 for the full year ($35 per week.
) Breaking down that number * 83 % (Silver level) received an common of $1023 for the year.
This side had been active for an common word of 87 months (7+ years.

) Average earnings = $19.
67 per week.
* 9.
9% (Gold level) received an regular of $3,639 for the year.
This team had been active for an typical of 112 months (9+ years.

) * 5.
75% (Platinum level) received an common of $10,122 for the year.
This group had been active for an usual of 126 months (10+ years.

) * The first earning category--Royal Diamonds--earned an general of $393,824.
This category comprised less than one-half of one percent of all active consultants.

To iterate what was quoted earlier from a troupe brochure: "Life as an independent Nikken Consultant gives you the leeway to live as you wish.
To secure as much as you deserve.

Even to make a difference in the world, helping others.

" If a Nikken scam exists, it's that owners and direction apparently think that 98.
4% of active consultants-hopeful nation who own chosen Nikken as their home business-"deserve" about $35 per week for an whole year's work.
The Nikken business cause depends upon a constant supply of new recruits.

Because a rangy standard of members become discouraged and quit after a few months, a mammoth portion their income appears to be generated by sign-up fees and initial purchases made by thousands of sanguine new "recruits" each year.
These represent nation who buy into Nikken believing that they leave gain the meridian to live as they wish, and secure as much as they "deserve.


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