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´╗┐Beating Cancer with Qigong: A Success Story In 1991 I was diagnosed with Stage Four lymphoma cancer and given six months to live.

I was 32, and my sons were ancient two and six months.

I was a writer at Aetna Life & Casualty, Inc, and my wife and I had impartial built a beautiful domicile on a lake in eastern Connecticut.

I had everything to live for.
I had plans.

Death was not a measure of them.
So I blatant to fight for my life.

I scan and researched everything I could about family who, inveigh all odds, had survived terminal illnesses.

The usual thread was using the character to prejudice the something to heal--specifically, the arts of pondering and visualization.

I sage these techniques, and for the successive six months, meditated and visualized while I received chemotherapy.

Amazingly, in half a year The cancer was gone.

The doctors couldn't understand it.

I concept I was cured.

I became a freelance writer for several divisions of Aetna, and was building a successful business.

Then a year hindmost the cancer reappeared.

Because of the ferocity of the particular lymphoma cell, the doctors recommended a issue cell transplant (similar to a bone nucleus transplant), in which white cells are havested from the blood, high-dose chemotherapy is administered to annihilate the bone kernel and all the cancer cells in the body, then the harvested white cells are dripped into the thing to revamp the immune system.
I knew I had to go deeper into mediation to withstand the attack of this much additional formidable chemo, so I did some research and discovered that the Chinese had been utilizing the mind/body connection for thousands of years.

They called these private vigour exercies "qigong" which means energy work.
Qigong is based on the twin rationale as acupunture: you own invisible channels and meridians of energy in the body.

If these channels become blocked, illness ensues.

Qigong practice allows a person to keep these channels open to allow profit health.
I found a local tai chi chuan/qigong pedagogue who taught me several progress sets of Qigong (Qigong includes moving, sitting, standing and lying down exercises.

There are literally thousands of qigong exercises.

) I practiced these sets, and got out of the arise cell transplant room in index time.

Despite the potency of the high-dose chemo, I didnt get thumping sick at all.
Again, I conviction I was cured.

But a year end the cancer relapsed.

My oncologists recommended another originate cell transplant.

They gave me a 10 percent follow of survival.
This transplant would be several times more potent than the first.

It would last for six months.

Every more month would include a four-day hospital stay in which high-dose chemo was administered to axe cancer cells and carry the proof means to almost motive zero.
Then the patient received nodule hormone to transact back the unsusceptible system.
The process culminated in the genuine transplant.

Then the most powerful, lethal embitter was dripped into you to kill the bone marrow.
Then you were without an unaffected system, and a natural cold could kill you.
I knew I had to go deeper into qigong to help me survive this final transplant.

I pronounced to results Dr.
Yang Jwing-Ming of Boston, world-renowned kung fu, tai chi chuan and qigong master.
I knew of Dr.
Yang from my martial arts days.

Perhaps it was synchronicity, but a person handed me a placard announcing a qigong seminar in a nearby town taught by Ramel Rones, Dr.
Yang's top supporter and a domesticate in his obtain right.

Rami had won gold medals for forms and fighting in North America, Europe and even China.
I approached Rami after the seminar and surrendered my pitch: "You're a gold medal winner and at the finest of the kung fu world.

Do you lack to bear on a bigger challenge, and aegis me flog cancer?" To my surprise, he agreed.

It turns out he was a infrequently bored with winning gold medals.

Rami tailored a qigong program for me designed to willing my easgerness channels and emend the health of my homely organs.

These exercises included warm-ups and sets from White Crane and Tiger Claw qigong.
The most famous phenomenon he taught me, however, was an exercise designed to cooler liveliness in my body.

It is called Embracing the Tree: You structure with feet shoulder-width apart, knees facility a few inches, sacrum tucked, captain level, with your arms held in a comprehensive arc in vanguard of your chest, palms facing the heart.

Then you axis on your breathing, and moderate stand.

Energy pours into the first of your captain from the atmosphere, and into the soles of your feet from the earth.
Then this vigour is stored in your dan tien, or area of elixir, which is located in the body's center beneath the navel.
Rami haggard the priority of holding the posture for inclination periods, both to blatant blockages and build energy.

He recommended I build up to an hour, which advanced practitioners and masters accomplish.
At first, I could only do five minutes.

But I added thirty seconds every day, and in several months could rack for an hour.
Standing for an hour a day, with cancer in my bones and chemotherapy in my veins, gave me a vast recognize of accomplishment.

It reinforced my bequeath and gave me the courage to feel the six-month inclination transplant process.

I defintely was terribly sick at times during this procedure, and had to means sitting and lying down qigong exercises.

But I stood whenever I could.

And I walked out of the transplant room cancer-free.

I stopped Embracing the Tree.

I wanted to manage some circumstance off to lick my wounds.

The cancer had severely damaged my shoulders, neck, and hips.

Besides, after all that chemotherapy, surely I was cured.

But I wasn't.

Six months end the cancer relapsed in my spine.

It was eating into my disks and vertebrae.

My legs would bestow out on me, and I'd collapse to the earth like an accordion.

I could barely urinate.

This was the most frightening relapse of all.
My oncolosist was at a loss.

I'd had every style of chemo available, and stagnant the cancer came back.
It's survival of theh fittest; cancer cells that aren't destroyed are unaffected to chemo.
Out of frustration, she gave me one treatment of the chemo I'd orinally had.

And I started Embracing the Tree with a vengeance.

Sometimes I'd do it from a seated position when my legs were shaky.

But I did it, and the pain went away.

I had an MRI and a gallium scan, and no trace of the cancer existed.

That was twelve years ago.
I've been cancer-free ever since.

My employment is gone, my quarters is gone, my wife is gone.

But my sons posses grown into men, and I'm alive to see them succeed.

I Embrace the Tree every day.

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