## Finding A House Sitter

Finding A House Sitter

Finding A House Sitter

BE BORN AGAIN If you haven’t been born again, chance the steps outlined in the early part of this chapter.
Follow those mandate and you bequeath receive the “lepers anointing” the best of the three anointing.
2 BE BAPTIZED IN WATER If you haven’t been baptized in water, carry that tread when you are baptized, recognize that God wants to do a transcedental work in your heart.

Expect any lingering sinful habits or besetting sins to be broken as you are buried with him by baptism ……….
[Rom 6:4] “Your terminated dishonesty desires were nailed to the crotchety with him; that portion of you that loves to sin was crushed and fatally wounded, so that your sin loving entity is no longer below sins control, no longer needs to be enslaved to sin” [Rom 6:6-7] In a scriptural irrigate baptism you can receive your [Priestly anointing] to pace a new life unshackle from sin’s domination expect it to befall when you are immersed in waters of baptism 3.
BE BAPTIZED IN THE HOLY SPIRIT Your “kingly anointing” for order and force comes from Jesus.

John tells us…….
“The anointing which you received from him abides in you…….
” [1st John 2:27] as already stated, it flows down from the master to the something John the Baptist spoken of Jesus: “I baptize you in water but…….
He shall baptize you in the Holy Spirit and…….
fire” [Matt 3:11] John unmentioned that Jesus would baptize the corresponding practice he did, only in the dogmatic pith instead of in water.
DESIRE SPIRIT BAPTISM How did John the Baptist baptize? The candidates came to him desiring wet baptism you must come to Jesus, desiring gist baptism.
LET JESUS DO THE BAPTIZING They allowed John to baptize them - they didn’t try to baptize themselves.

You must rent Jesus baptize you in the Holy Spirit.

At Pentecost “…………the pith filled all the dwelling where they were sitting [Acts 2:2] the detail that they were sitting, made it feasible for Jesus to baptize them - they were not in some friendly of frenetic [uncontrolled] doctrinal hyperemotional sector trying to baptize themselves

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