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At&T House Sitting Commercial

At&T House Sitting Commercial

´╗┐How does your homely show gratitude? ANIMALS SHOWING GRATITUDE By Allen and Linda Anderson A female from Switzerland wrote to us about how an animal showed her that expressing gratitude could teach her the true meaning of love.

We could relate.

Our lash Cuddles licks our fingers in the morning, as soon as the trepidation clock wakes us up.
We always conjecture she's paying it brazen and showing gratitude that we're about to feed her breakfast.

But conceivably she's already appreciative for a new day.

Our dog Leaf shows liveliness for the hardly things.

He appreciates mealtime, receipt a walk, and going to the doggie day care to stratagem with the fresh dogs.

His perfect device shakes with anticipation before each visit, and he repeatedly kisses us, as we begin our travels to his favorite place.

He squeals with excitement when he sees the building and then races into the door.
Everybody enjoys seeing his emotions of being there to play.

In fact, Leaf's vast gratitude encourages us to bring him to daycare as often as possible, even when it's a uneasy pinch financially.

This experience got us to cognitive about how having gratitude opens a individual or animal to receive even fresh gifts and blessings from life.

How does your tame manifest gratitude? What does an animal teach you about the tightness of a relieved heart? You can post your answers to these questions and comments at our Angel Animals Facebook page: and "Like" Angel Animals while you're there.

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