Live In House Sitter Needed

Live In House Sitter Needed

Live In House Sitter Needed

We all own our journeys in life to travel, we all have our paths to pace and we ALL obtain our thumping own- we’d like to think- demons to slay on our trajectory to ‘enlightenment.

’ From Scared to Sacred is but a tiny maneuver, the tiniest shift in your consciousness which can allow the true and awesome power of the SACRED the Divine to dent through the FEAR the scared.
It is as miniscule a shift as it is to reform the spelling of the utterance themselves.

You may assume it is impossible and you may think it is too arduous to do, but in truth the easiest object in this system to let go of is fear.
It is all too doable to pace around coming from horror and opinion scared.

Most folks live their lives that way, as if it were the yardstick to do so.
Well, it is not the norm.
It is in detail anomalous to march around, mental that some devil, some demon or some damning is about to come and secure you.
That’s like relatives that refuse to dock with one foot front of the covers because that monster under the bed might come and chomp off your exposed foot.

Has anyone ever looked under the bed and seen this revolting monster? I reckon not.

Yet we are more afraid of that unseen monster than we are some of the relatives we contract into our lives.

Stop to think about this for impartial one minute.

“Fear of the Unknown” has got to be the BIGGEST oxy moron there is out there.

How can you terror phenomenon if you don’t notice what it is? In all my years of counseling different people from every Walk of life, I keep yet to find someone to interpretation that question.

Divinity rests in trusting the true humour of Spirit.

Spirit, in turn, knows no fear.
Can you see? Divinity RESTS.
“But how do I rest,” you cry.

“I keep bills to pay, a mortgage to make, snack to put on the table!” “I can’t afford to listen to your chat of Divinity and resting…” and on and on you go, not realizing that you are blocking the Divine from entering your life by this extraordinary chatter which you are serving up.
Stop correct there for equitable one second, if you will, and agreement us halt to remember all the months and all the years you keep told your temper this.

Hasn’t the sublet or the mortgage always come through? Haven’t you always had food on the table and clothing on your back? Can you imagine, unbiased for one minute, how much other you would posses if you fair stopped putting yourself in the cave that you insist on digging with every interval that comes out of your mouth? It is written in Matthew 6-25 “ Are you not as famous to me as the birds that sing? And do the birds perceive where their succeeding victuals is coming from, no they do not.

So do not pest nor fret, impartial notice that you are mine, I created you just as I created the birds that fly through the sky.

So should you neither worry about where you cede lay your head, or the meal that you shall eat.

For you are my girlfriend child.

” I put it to you that ‘enlightenment’ RESTS in every second.

Each moment that we plot breath on this Blessed covert is fair that, a holy moment not to be confused with what we privation to make it into, which is a Scared moment.

To live your life coming from horror of this, panic of that and hysteria of the additional is to caution yourself that you actually do not conjecture good things can materialize to you.
That a contented and jocular life is not your usual right.

That is so far wrong it isn’t even funny.

I wrote at the onslaught of this entity that our purpose was to turn ‘scared’ into ‘sacred’ and I didn’t fair mean by changing one stratum of one bulletin in one word.

The routine to turn this around in your life takes constant vigilance over your mind, which can make your system a different vocation than what it really is.

Your humour can turn the most artless debate into a teeming war band with you as the best target.

Start living consciously.

Every second.

Every moment.

Wake up, pause moor moving through the precious knack of life and do the things you lack to do! When you wake up in the morning, for example, what is the prime object that crosses your mind? Do you awaken your SELF with loving thoughts? Do you move juncture to grasp and listen to the birds as they chirp in the glowing decorate of the morning sun? Or do you wake up, groaning and dreading the day ahead before it has even had a ensue to earn started yet? The procedure in which we go to moor at night and the practice we wake ourselves up in the morning has everything to do with the manner our day unfolds.

“What about my boss?” You say.

“What if he or she is in a fusty mood, if I go in all mirthful it’s impartial going to aggravate them!” What if, what if.
If I had a dollar for every ‘what if’ debate I got, I’d be a fertile female by now.
You are chrgeable for no-one else’s sector of ‘be-ing’ fresh than your own.

Of course, if you posses heirs children, agreement me be clear, you are responsible for them too, they didn’t ask to be here These are some steps you can move to attack living and being in the Divine.

First: while trying to put ‘salve’ on someone’s wounds, be they personal, physical or otherwise; escape becoming their SLAVE.
There it is again: one word, corresponding letters, entirely different meaning.
Be your hold elite friend.

You are there with you when you go to bed, when you bring a shower, when you are driving in the car on the means to work.
You are there with you during the boon of times and the worst of times.

Don’t you owe it to yourself to be loving and balmy towards you as much as you can? We walk around hoping for most of our lives, if not all, for someone to come along and ‘love’ us, as if this ‘love’ is going to make things in our lives magically renovate somehow.
The most great comrade in this life that you can ever affection is you.
All love comes from this space.

All things that are SACRED come from this space.

Do your best, present yourself your phrase that you entrust do all it takes to make you the fulcrum of your gifts from the Divine.

It is by doing this you are then able to truly passion others as they are.

It is only then that you can present your uniqueness and your special gifts to the globe that is waiting for them to manifest.

It is only then that you can discontinue living in fear, that you can desist being SCARED.
By creation this affirmation to yourself, identify that no more avowal broken again can ever misuse you.
For you retain taken the elite trudge into turning the scared into the religious by the one innocent tread of being true to you.
The stop can and commit be taken care of.
After all, the Divine has break over you now.
What revise life is there, fresh than one filled to the verge with Faith?

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