No.1 How To Become A House Sitter

How To Become A House Sitter

How To Become A House Sitter

´╗┐Astrology in the Counseling Session A person’s natal astrology chart provides a cornucopia of data that can be smartly applied to coaching and therapy sessions.

The chart may provide a sort of roadmap of the name that can suggest relevant conversations and direction for a productive session.

During the intake interview, an Ephemeris is consulted to swiftly access the natal astrological chart information.

The Ephemeris is a book, providing a compilation of astrological story concerning each day for the full year, decade, or century.

Although there are no claims to absolute, unfailing accuracy, from a person’s astrological chart one might spot the succeeding tendencies: • Basic personality • Communication styles • Learning and concept processing • Approach to values, finances, fiscal and spending • Favored subjects of interest • Career option and direction • Relationships with mother and father • Emotional make-up and reactions • Compatibility with others • Spirituality leanings When working with my hypnotherapy clients, it has been fairly sociable to look at their charts.

Typically, I pivot on the five planets closest to Earth.
Their abbreviated meanings are as follows: • Sun – Will, ego, drive, willpower, ambition, constitution.

Sun, together with Mars, may give indications of the relationship the client has with their father, or with the husband in a woman’s chart.

• Moon – Emotions, subconscious, dreams, imagination, sensitivity, inner personality, visionary tendencies, addictions, cycles.

The Moon, together with Venus, may indicate the relationship the client has with their mother, or with the wife in a man’s chart.

• Mercury – Communication, thinking processes, expression, manner to learning, memory skills, creativity, susceptibility to trance, technique to structure.

• Venus – Values, handling of finances, appreciation of art and beauty, holy and holy tendencies, vanity, flair for love.

A man’s prototype of a woman, and his views of his have ‘feminine’ side.

A woman’s prospect of her feminine attributes • Mars – Energy, drive, aggressiveness, calling choices, sex drive, action.

A woman’s example of a man, and her views of her posses ‘masculine’ side.

A man’s outlook of his masculinity.

Five Planets in Twelve Signs These serve as guidelines only and dearth to be considered in conjunction with other data.
Aries – Fire.

Ruled by Mars.

March 21 – April 19 Leader, risk-taker, energetic, courageous, aggressive, extrovert, egocentric, impetuous.

They learn by proceedings and error.
Optimistic, sunny personality, strong appeal to challenge and danger.
Impatient, don’t conjecture before stagecraft or speaking.
Willing to explore new methods and means, as wanting as it appears to be an adventure.

May visit your office seeking assistance with direction, focus, follow-through, sports performance, or disillusion issues.

Imaginative, eager, uninhibited, feasibly immature, and commit need to earn to the point.

Moon in Aries - Thrill seeker, fearless, impetuous, flit from one behalf to another.
They leave be aggressive with the rejection sex as well as passionate.

Their betrothed will lack to be challenging and never dull.
Mercury in Aries - Great control qualities, with difficulties finishing what they start.

Easily bored.

To the point.

Loves a challenge.

Venus in Aries – Impulsive with their money, not particularly religious, yet passionate about their beliefs and in relationships.


In a man’s chart, he consign be attracted to athletic, plucky and challenging women.

Mars in Aries – Mars is at home here, where he can demonstrate his necessitate and energy.

Aggressive at work, may choose career in military, police or anywhere there is risk and action.

Quick temper, yet equally rapid to forget it and manoeuvre on.

In a woman’s chart, they consign be attracted to men who are heroes, leaders, optimistic, and exciting.
Taurus – Earth.
Ruled by Venus.

April 20 - May 20 Steadfast, loyal, stubborn, possessive, values-oriented, and patient.

Demand grade in exchange for hard-earned money.

Sensuous, with aesthetic flavour and abilities.

Introverted, quietly intense and materialistic.
Their vigour feels solid, immoveable.

Often stuck in a rut, or unable to see new possibilities.

Will likely be additional kinesthetic than visual.
Moon in Taurus – Faithful, romantic, artistic.
They take their case giving their friendship or love, and when they do, it is forever.
Can be wilful and possessive.

May donate difficulties in handling correct or a gap up of a relationship.
Mercury in Taurus – Slower to learn new subjects, yet hold uncommon retention.

Learn prime by doing and feeling.

May seek support in expanding their horizons and seeing new possibilities.

Possible depression.

Venus in Taurus – Venus is at home here where she can display her sensuous and elegant nature.

Deeply romantic, loves art and the finer things in life.

Self-indulgent, materialistic.
In a man’s chart, he cede wish beautiful, pleasing and tranquillity women.

Mars in Taurus – Stubborn, hard-working, practical.
May choose careers in labor or finance, and conceivably get stuck in a rut or unwanted situation.

Smoldering, sustained disaffect when aroused.

In a woman’s chart, she bequeath be attracted to a visionary man, who is refractory and capable of providing cash security.

Gemini – Air.
Ruled by Mercury.

May 21 - June 20 Excitable, energetic, clever, witty.

Change their mind, or duck decisions because they want it all.
Quick mental activity, which can send them spinning.
Trouble sitting dormant and may trepidation if told to relax.
Let them fidget while going into trance.

Geminis may be visual and auditory.

They are typical candidates for Parts Therapy! Talkative.

You may posses to domesticate the intake session or you may never procure them into trance.

Moon in Gemini – Indecisive, intellectualize their emotions.

They deficiency it all, and may obtain many different passion affairs.

Can be superficial, not having patience to go deeper.
They come to you for help in figuring out what they scarcity in life.

Mercury in Gemini – Mercury is at home in Gemini, where it can declare its reasoning job through missive and writing.
Talkative, quick-witted, humorous, and excels at trivia.
Motivated by curiosity.

They may seek relief from inner chaos and indecisiveness.

Quick reactions and mentally versatile.

May be ambidextrous.

Venus in Gemini – Restless and fickle.

Enjoy music, saying and writing.
Many purchases are common to the store, or kept in impartiality or unused.

May dabble in many philosophies or religions.

May privation help with loyalty, befall through or development of finesse and romance.

In a man’s chart, he cede enjoy many different kinds of women, or needs to find one that is obscure and changeable enough to hold his interest.

Mars in Gemini – Active, nervous, hasty responses.

Forever youthful.
Shows guidebook dexterity, and prefers careers which adduce a variety of tasks, and student stimulation.

May become a reporter, writer or job with children.

In a woman’s chart, she commit enjoy men who are intellectual, witty, humorous and active.

Cancer – Water.
Ruled by Moon.

June 21- July 22 Maternal, nurturing, domestic, introverted, homebodies.

Dislike mend or motility from their residence.

Moody, dreamy, intuitive, and sensitive.

Caretakers and enablers.

Hard to penetrate their protective shells.

Vulnerable, succulent hurt, and hold big aptitude for empathy and compassion.

Lean towards either visual or kinesthetic – or both.
Great imaginations – which can besides be bad rail themselves in fear, guilt, and worry.

They have tremendous memories – again, for mend or worse.

Feed them when grumpy! Moon in Cancer – The Moon is at home here, enjoying this emotional, dreamy locale.

Psychic, moody, emotionally vulnerable.

They are hard to secure to know, as they entrust not charter relatives secure confidential until they prove they consign not maul them.
Then they may smother them with heart and attention.

Family ties are important.

May have eating disorders.

Mercury in Cancer – Excellent memory, welfare at history.

Love to increase and may be a hoarder, or hold cluttered spaces.

Sentimental, they are attached to home and objects.

Detest ameliorate or moving.
May deficiency backing letting go, or with depression.

Venus in Cancer – Collector, possessive, horror of loss.

They retain peril letting go or motility on.

Seek relationships and situations that name security.


In a man’s chart, he entrust be attracted to someone that is maternal, domestic, and unpretentious, or reminds him of his mother.
Mars in Cancer – Tenacious, domestic, insecure.

Prefers working from home or in an industry related to housing, real estate, and interior design.

Needs a push to make career changes.

In a woman’s chart, there is allure to a comrade providing mental, emotional and fiscal security.

Leo – Fire.

Ruled by Sun.

July 23 - August 22 Creative, dramatic and willful.
The Sun luxuriates in Leo, radiating its absolute glory.

Generous, boisterous, feelings center stage.

Ambitious with an angle of laziness.

Love to dominate, control, and can’t conjecture not getting their way.

Natural talent magnetizing kinsfolk to them, acceptance the stress they crave.

Fun loving, enjoys humor and the finer things in life.

Problems with self-esteem issues or when under-appreciated or disrespected.

Very visual and imaginative.

Moon in Leo – Generous, loyal, and egotistic.
They heart falling in love, and consign be demonstrative, romantic, and dramatic.
Status conscious and snobbish.
Issues of rejection, disloyalty or abandonment.

Mercury in Leo – Conceited, egotistic, creative, and imaginative.

May obtain grand intrigues and be overly optimistic.
Frequently express an temper of grade or a privation to obtain mental domination.

May privation assistance in enlightenment to move well with others.

Venus in Leo – Ostentatious, dramatic, flirtatious, and expressive.

Can be remarkably friendly and demonstrative of affections.

Loves luxury and expensive or garish accessories.

In a man’s chart, he will dearth the most captivating woman, a glamorous arm piece, or a woman who is ‘high maintenance’.
Mars in Leo – Natural leader, tending towards domination.

Self-confident, possible gamblers.

Prone to nature tantrums that commit appear childish in an adult.

Prefer being the administrator in any vocation choice.

Possibly self-employed, or engaged in work with children.

In a woman’s chart, she commit privation the most melodious man, and yet be loyal, friendly and playful.
Virgo – Earth.
Ruled by Mercury.

August 23 – September 22 Analytical, rational, practical, and critical.
Good workers, caretakers, and remuneration great urgency to detail.
Champion of hygiene, and keep scrupulous morals.

May deprivation treatment for obsessive/compulsive behaviors, insomnia, anxiety, and worry, with some leaning towards hypochondria.
They consign scarcity to elaborate on the details of their conditions, meticulously quoting resources and doctors’ findings.

Hyper vigilant, and feasibly challenging to put into trance.

Try division the ‘part’ that is analytical.
Give it the business of observing, while the break of the client experiences the session.

Promise the ‘analytical imp’ that its valuable observations leave be requested at the latter of the session.

Moon in Virgo – Caretaker, worrier, analyzes their emotions.

Will absence to sense exactly where they are with their partner, labeling and analyzing every occurrence or word.

They cede be dedicated and reliable.

Have the opportunity for considerable personal growth, as they leave move obligation for things that go wrong.
May privation aegis with self-blame and guilt.

Mercury in Virgo – Mercury is mirthful in Virgo, where it can turn its rational job into practical application.

Analytical, with importance to detail.
May quibble of insomnia due to provoke and a racing humour tester details that may be forgotten by morning.
Anxiety and sexual dysfunction issues may surface during a session.

Venus in Virgo – Frequently disappointed when others don’t demand the alike high standards that they expect of themselves and others.

Will scrutinize every fact of an thing before purchasing.
Very benefit smell in clothing, art, and decorating.
A dearth for cleanliness and hygiene may turn to hypochondria, haunting behavior, or phobia.
Keeps meticulous fiscal records.

May obtain phobia issues, or sexual dysfunction.

In a man’s chart, he bequeath be attracted to purity and innocence, as well as a slender, conservative appearance.

Mars in Virgo – Prefers calling involving details.

May be an accountant, banker, or medical personnel.
Honest, and worried about pleasing others.

Takes responsibilities seriously.

May seek help with anxiety, nervousness and obsessions.

In a woman’s chart, she consign be uncommonly fussy about her suitors, demanding the cardinal standards in all details, from looks to mannerisms.

She may become overly vital within a long-term relationship.
Libra – Air.
Ruled by Venus.

September 23 - October 22 Balance, fairness, kindness, partnerships.

Relationships are necessary to their well being, viewpoint unbalanced and single-minded in their quest, until they hold found their supplementary half.
Like to be liked, and own a good comprehend for creating pleasantries in their environment and within relationships.

They enjoy cultural activities and romance.

Librans leave be well groomed and exploit appropriately.

Going out of their routine to not offend, they typically center on relationship issues, and passion of being under-appreciated and over-extended.

Moon in Libra – Romantic, artistic, even-tempered.

They lack emotional stability – no roller coaster relationships for them.
Can be self-indulgent, and manipulative.

May seek aegis in dealing with emotional turbulence.

Mercury in Libra – Fair, tactful, indecisive, artistic.
Good mediation skills.

Artistic, poetic, kind.

Indecision may cause to missed opportunities and reasoning paralysis.

Try Parts Therapy.

Venus in Libra – Venus enjoys its home in Libra, expressing taste and culture.

Sense of beauty and balance.

Refined, enjoys cultural affairs.

May choose a career in decorating, design, personal grooming, or art.

Needs affection.

Will choose a doctrinal affiliation based on that of their spawn of origin, their partner’s, or the community acceptance.

May be unable to make a vast purchase due to fretting over the pros and cons.

Work to enhance their creative visualization, and strengthen their self-esteem to overcome co-dependency.

In a man’s chart, his preferred mate consign be beautiful, refined, elegant, and even-tempered.

Mars in Libra – Strong daydream for relationships and partnerships.

Good looking and bitter mannered.

Detests disputes.

Frequently becomes a adjudicator even among friends and family.

May transact careers in artistic pursuits, cultural events, charter and justice, or matchmaking and children counseling.
Often paralyzed in decision-making, they may seek your backing in picking which orbit to take.

In a woman’s chart, she cede be driven by her scarcity for relationship, yet only be jovial with a individual who is attractive, gentle, refined, and attentive.

Scorpio – Water.
Ruled by Pluto.
October 23 - November 21 Dynamic, intense, controlling, emotional.
Loyal as inclination as you are on their interest side.

They enjoy research and are fascinated by the motives of others.

Secretive, guarded, and suspicious.

Watch for vindictiveness, revenge or control issues.

Have a dark and lusty company to them, and can be driven by sex and money.

There is an facet of sentimentality that is only shown to their closest allies, and those relatives bequeath benefit from Scorpio’s ferocious protection.

Scorpio clients may try to out-analyze you, and can ruse manipulative character games to duck the scariest parts of their soul-searching.
Control may be additional important than Truth.
They may manifest kinesthetic and psychic abilities, and they retain politic to trust their gut reactions.

Moon in Scorpio – Passionate, controlling, intense.

Possessive, they leave demand strict faithfulness from their partner, but may justify their own extra-marital affairs.

They can be tactless, suspicious, and explosively emotional, while guarding their true affection as closely kept secrets.

May deprivation offices in issues of rage, phobias and doable wrongdoer contemplations.

Mercury in Scorpio – Analytical, suspicious, phobic.
Has the temper of a detective or a criminal.
May undervalue others’ ideas, and jockey for cerebral domination.

They trust their hunches, and analyze additional people’s motives and weaknesses.

May seek support for phobias, anger, trust issues and difficulties in communicating.
They make goodly psychoanalysts.

Venus in Scorpio – Sensual, intuitive, sexual.
Tastes are gloomy and white – they affection and despise with a vengeance.

They entrust be secretive about their cash affairs, yet thumping astute in gaining wealth.
Jealous and possessive of kinsfolk and things.

Can be motivated by one-upmanship.
A gentlewoman may hold a strong sexual appetite, and a secret ‘leather and lace’ fetish.
A person with this configuration entrust deficiency a sexually permissive woman, who has a menacing and lusty side.

Mars in Scorpio – Ambitious, power-driven, and controlling.
Very astute in capital accumulation.

Beware of a vindictive nature.

If they perceive disloyalty, they will gouge off their affections and never forgive.

Strong sexual urges in a man’s chart.

They may dearth assistance with passive/aggressive behaviors, embitter and break issues.

In a woman’s chart, she is attracted to the sexually aggressive ‘bad boy’, and may obtain masochistic tendencies.

Sagittarius – Fire.

Ruled by Jupiter.
November 22 - December 21 Philosophical, religious, spiritual, uninhibited, and hungering for erudition and education.

They consider themselves to be intellectuals, can be opinionated, and frequently gossip it as they see it, without filtering their conversation for bluntness, virulence or insults.

Talkative and energetic, they willingly draft in thinking stimulation, sports, and outings in nature.

The natural “Sag” loves travel, and the macrocosm is their playground.

For these folks, rules are to be broken, and fences are to be jumped.

They complainer condemn limitations, possessiveness, and boundaries.

They may be visual and auditory.

They frequently arrive in the office chase education and self-improvement.

Their partners obtain complaints about the privation of attentiveness, romance or commitment offered.

Moon in Sagittarius – Freedom loving, limitless, and unbounded.

Impetuously leap into affairs of the heart, staying only if they are absolutely sure they are free to go.
When the passion affair is over, it is over – no sentimentality, no going back.
Frequently, hoist foreigners as life partners, and cede not attitude a wanting stretch relationship.
May turn to mysticism, religion or philosophical pursuits, and look to a hypnotherapist for facilitating enlightenment.

Mercury in Sagittarius – The objective for letters makes them the perpetual student.

Typically getting tall levels of education, with interests in philosophy, religion, law, and foreign affairs.

Will come to your office quest self-improvement and explorations of their inner universe.

Venus in Sagittarius – Spiritual, philosophical, independent.

Learning is supplementary famous than money.

Need perfect meridian and obtain their have religion based on philosophical tenets.

May seek backing for affluence issues, or for a renovate of perspective.

In a man’s chart, he cede be attracted to an independent, aloof, and athletic woman.

Mars in Sagittarius - Athletic, active, highly educated.

Needs to be self-employed or obtain a non-restricting job.
Leans towards sales, marketing, teaching, publishing or law.
May dearth support in perseverance in seen matters, or in aim of their soul.
In a woman’s chart, she consign be attracted to a companion for his philosophical nature, his independence, and his gentleness.

Capricorn – Earth.
Ruled by Saturn.

December 22 - January 19 Structure, schedules, order, and practicality.

These individuals are responsible, serious, and mature.

It is celebrated to them that they observe they are doing the fix thing, morally, as well as conforming to social expectations.

Typically fatiguing working, they transact on responsibilities too early in life.

Frequently, they come to the office search backing in finding joy, frivolity, and lose from their self-imposed limitations.

They may be analytical, kinesthetic and move a ‘prove it to me’ nature about anything out of the ordinary.

Introduce them to Reverse Metaphor as a procedure to startle their imagination.

Inner child work, or soul retrieval, may backing them to regenerate innocence, and emancipate unnecessary weight and maturity.

Moon in Capricorn – Stern, serious, aloof, realistic, materialistic.
May marry for societal position, and any relationships commit be observed and self-serving.
Look for an eccentric age difference with mates.

May seek help in occupation matters or in connecting with their emotions.

Mercury in Capricorn – Logical, practical, and serious.

They look at issues unemotionally.

They construe practical, self-help and specialized books, finding no situation for novels or odd entertainment.

May be concerned with rank and the conventions of society.

Mentally organized, preferring structure and reliable schedules.

They may be flexible to emolument for a session if it helps them to number out undertaking solutions, or retain supplementary experimental applications.

Venus in Capricorn – Conventional, organized, righteous.

They strive to be edit and moral.
Their purchases are of a empirical and useful nature, streamlined and not fancy or frivolous.

No tatting curtains in their house! In a man’s chart, he is attracted to earthy, conservative women and his liaisons are based on usefulness and level in the community.

Mars in Capricorn – Hard working, conservative, they climb to the finest of their field.

They promote their lives to be structured, with all things ordered and scheduled.

May lift task in construction, civil service, engineering, and architecture.

May seek assistance discovering how to obtain fun, and how to delegate responsibility.

In a woman’s chart, she is attracted to someone who can elevate her social status, is mature, and will provide fanatic related support.

Her preference of individual may obtain a considerable age difference, and may remind her of her father.
Aquarius – Air.
Ruled by Uranus.

January 20 - February 18 Unconventional, inventive, humanitarian, and aloof.
They seek uniqueness, are futuristic, and rarely dwell in the past.

Spontaneous, freethinking, liberated and generally a mystery to others.

Can be viewed as a “know-it-all”, rebellious, and bizarre.

You may find Aquarians in your office distressed over being misunderstood, or when those who would demand conventionality or mediocrity thwart their visionary goals.

Their friends and kinsfolk find them aloof, lacking emotional support, or unavailable.

Visual and auditory, Aquarians may be quest self-improvement, attitude expansion, or answers to their suspicions about being abducted by aliens.

Moon in Aquarius – Intellectualize emotions, unbiased and independent, and obtain unconventional liaisons.

Prefer to be friends first, then lovers.

May be caught up in reasoning or task pursuits, and forget about romance.

May seek your backing in areas of romance, feelings and sexual issues.

Mercury in Aquarius – Scientific, mathematical, futuristic, and sometimes bizarre thoughts.

Inventive mind, though sometimes quirky and kinky.

Unorthodox, yet concerned with humanity and social causes.

May seek assistance with question solving, creative visualization and relaxation.

Venus in Aquarius – Independent and eclectic in temper and taste.

May be atheistic or agnostic, and base beliefs on mechanical proof or their personal, humanitarian philosophy.

Socially aware and political, they backing social causes.

Lack in romance.

May seek help sorting out moral beliefs, or for self-improvement.

In a man’s chart, he is attracted to unique individuals with a mind of their own.

Mars in Aquarius – Idealistic, motivated by causes and human rights.

Contrary, basic and argumentative.

Prefer independent work, and excel at electronics, mathematics, computers, music, and advanced technology.

May seek assistance in finding statement in life, self-discovery and releasing anger, which is masking repressed emotional issues.

In a woman’s chart, they cede be attracted to his intellect, zaniness and the freedoms that he allows.

Pisces – Water.
Ruled by Neptune.

February 19 - March 20 Dreamy, altruistic, compassionate, and idealistic.
Pisceans detest conflict and confrontation, holding in their sour until they adversity up, out of control.
Give too much of themselves to others, and second touch neglected and abandoned when they expect article in return and don’t secure it.

Fond of animals and the underdog in any situation.

Can be moody, co-dependent, and deluded.

Alternatively, may show mammoth knack for insight, intuition, and lyrical ability, being especially fond of harmonization with a strong or sensuous beat.

Visual and kinesthetic, they trust their gut reactions.

Sponges for the feelings of those around them.
May seek help in matters of addictions, co-dependency, depression, or spiritual pursuits, past life venture and marrow contact.

Moon in Pisces – Sentimental, co-dependent.

Look for successors history of alcohol, drugs, or further forms of escapism.
They often seek a friend who needs them, has a delinquent inventory or a dispute with drugs and alcohol.
Psychic dreams.

They are master and sympathetic.
They may seek your aegis with worry, anxiety, guilt, escapism, addictions, and inferiority complexes.

Mercury in Pisces – Intuitive, while balancing somewhere between illusion and delusion.

Easily influenced by others, gullible.

Love to lose into dream and altered states.

May see you for strengthening confidence, discernment, life direction, and blessed connections.

Venus in Pisces – Emotional, sympathetic, and idealistic.
Artistic, creative, and sensuous.

Can become involved with spiritual, religious, or cult activities.

Co-dependent, they may obtain heavy or broken relationships.

Will present the shirt off their back for those less fortunate, yet bother and badger over money.

In a man’s chart, he is attracted to her grace, acquiescence, and willingness to serve his goals.

Mars in Pisces – Self-sacrificing, altruistic, peaceful.
Anger builds slowly and then bursts in a volcano of rage, leaving the Piscean with guilt, regret and embarrassment.

It would happen less often if they were additional forthright with their needs early on.

They may allure question enemies, and are prone to escapism and laziness.

May job for charitable organizations, in institutions, or become involved with a doctrinal order.
They may seek a scriptual experience, or help with tenacity, conviction, and standing up for themselves.

In a woman’s chart, she commit like a person exhibiting sentimentality, sensuality, and idealistic goals.

Certainly, your clients will come in with a comprehensive variety of issues.

The above is only a brief, yet fascinating, observation I obtain made over the years.

Play with the ideas outlined, observing what correlations you may encounter in your retain office.

In addition to the report provided herein, aspects between the planets and further astrological details bequeath provide more considerations.

Summary The harmony a client’s natal chart and its implications consign grant you a deeper affinity of the client’s perspective.

This facts can deepen your harmony and grant you clues to why a client chooses a particular perspective or reaction.

If you posses the opportunity to learn the planetary positions in your client’s chart, compare the above message inveigh your impressions and the client’s self-descriptions.

Although these guidelines may not be 100% on speck all of the time, I trust you bequeath find the correlations fascinating.
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